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Sisters eternize their unbreakable bond by getting matching tattoos of sibling's scar

When the youngest sister underwent a rare surgery that left her with visible scars, her 3 sisters decided to help her change her view of her scars.

Sisters eternize their unbreakable bond by getting matching tattoos of sibling's scar
Cover Image Source: GettyImages | Photo by Flora Luna

Sibling bonds, whether in rivalry or in love, are ones that can anchor a person in life. The bond between the four Brulé sisters of Davidson, North Carolina had always been strong, but their connection deepened when Mimi, the youngest of the sisters, underwent a rare surgery that left her with multiple visible scars. Mimi, 18, has cerebral palsy, a condition that left her without the use of her right arm, and the surgery was an effort to change that, reported People.

The procedure left Mimi feeling overwhelmed with trying to accept her "new normal." But, with the help of her sisters, Mimi's outlook on her scars changed. To show unity with Mimi and lighten her load, her older sisters, Camille, 23, Claire, 25, and Tess, Mimi's twin, decided to get tattoos that mirrored Mimi's scars. Camille was a bit nervous to get her ink but eventually felt empowered by the decision. The sisters then took it one step further and got a second tattoo, once again mirroring another of Mimi's scars.

Image Source: GettyImages/ Photo by:	Anna Bizon / EyeEm
Image Source: GettyImages | Photo by: Anna Bizon / EyeEm


The tattoos symbolize the special bond between the four sisters and how, even when life throws unexpected challenges their way, they will always come together and support one another. The Brulé sisters' story is a testament to the power of family and the strength of unity. Through their demonstration of love and support, they have shown that nothing can break the bond between siblings.

Together, the three sisters - Mimi, Tess, and Claire - all have matching tattoos. These aren't just any tattoos, but ones with great significance and emotion behind them. Mimi has a burn scar on her arm, a reminder of a childhood accident. To show solidarity and love, her two sisters decided to get matching tattoos of the same burn scar, an incredibly special and meaningful gesture. Tess shared through tears, "It's been pretty difficult because we're so close and share a special connection. I knew how much it was weighing on her so I knew how much a sign of solidarity would mean to her and change her view of her own scars on her own body. At least I hope so."

Image Source; GettyImages/Photo by: 	Thomas Barwick
Image Source; GettyImages | Photo by: Thomas Barwick


Claire, who lives out of state, added, "I am still brought to tears when I think of how special these tattoos are. It's hard being away sometimes, but I always get to see how much we are truly bonded as sisters when I look at my arm. It's kind of like a fun secret. It looks like any real scar, but it's not mine, it's my sister's, and we get to all wear it proudly."

Mimi was incredibly surprised by how realistic the tattoos looked, noting, "I look at their arms and they match mine. It's very touching." Even their mother, Jennifer, who isn't usually a fan of tattoos, was brought to tears by the special tribute.

The intricate design of three matching tattoos is a reminder of the unbreakable bond between the four sisters and a celebration of love that transcends boundaries.

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