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Sisters ask if they were wrong to turn dad's engagement dinner into awkward encounter

They shared how their father cheated on their mother during the marriage and they have not forgiven him for it.

Sisters ask if they were wrong to turn dad's engagement dinner into awkward encounter
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Nicole Michalou; Reddit | Defiant-Gap2084

Kids do not know how to pretend and usually are brutally honest. That's what happened with these siblings when their father called them for an engagement dinner without their will. They spoke the truth and the whole engagement became an awkward affair. 16-year-old u/Defiant-Gap2084 asked the Reddit community if it was wrong for them to make things uncomfortable. She shared that her dad is a serial cheater, as he cheated on her mother during their marriage. Tt happened even when she was diagnosed with cancer five years ago.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ivan Samkov
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ivan Samkov

"Mom found out when she was already terminal and my dad's answer to this was to run away to his (at the time) affair partner's house, leaving me (16f, who was only 11) and my sister (15f, who was only 10) to fend for ourselves and take care of mom," she wrote. He returned later to be with his wife for the last few weeks and she allowed that for the sake of their children. However, when she died, he was still with his partner, the daughter shared.

Once the mother died, the children refused to live with their dad and his partner. The siblings even ran from their home and CPS got involved and were put with their maternal grandparents. "But our dad was given visitation rights by the courts so we have to see him one Saturday and one Sunday a month. But not overnight," the teenager wrote. She then added that their dad's last affair partner was on and off for a few years. They also got to know that they also have a child together.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

However, the two even got engaged and wanted an engagement party with all the family and friends. The kids' dad insisted that the siblings should also attend it as it happened on a Saturday. "Dad made us use the engagement dinner as our visitation with him, but we tried to fight against it," the teen wrote. So, the siblings attended it but weren't happy as their dad and partner talked about how excited they were to bring the family together. The woman also said that she was "excited" to be officially their parent and "to have them come closer because of it," the girl wrote. The close family knew whatever had happened in the past, but not the extended relatives.

The girls couldn't take it anymore. "....And then my sister and I started saying it wasn't for us and then sarcastically said how we couldn't wait to be a family with dad's affair partner he was seeing throughout our mom's cancer and who he chose to be with when his wife was dying leaving his daughters alone with their dying mom because he didn't even call our grandparents to tell them it was her final few hours," the 16-year-old shared. They also spoke about how their dad had a child with his partner while he was married to their mom.

It led to questions, surprise and anger at the dinner party. The latter of which was directed at them. The couple was furious that they made the engagement dinner uncomfortable and asked them why they did that, to which they replied they weren't going to pretend about their happiness. "I said they forced us to be there and we were clear we didn't want to be. They said we behaved like spiteful children," she concluded her post.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Bitter_Animator2514
Image Source: Reddit | u/Bitter_Animator2514

Many on the platform were equally upset with the father and sided with the girl and his sister. u/Excellent-Count4009 commented, "NTA. 'They said we behaved like spiteful children..' ARE spiteful children. You have very good reasons to be spiteful. What else did they expect?" u/Fune_Spite_2266 wrote, "NTA at all. He freaking deserved it! He knew y'all were uncomfortable with the relationship and did everything he could to shove it in your face. Y'all are at an age now where a judge will listen to you if you say you think visitation is harming you and you want to stop." u/Smokey_Katt shared, "NTA. You DID behave like spiteful children. But sometimes spite is valid and deserved."

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