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Sister gives brother a baby onesie to hint she's pregnant but it flew right over his head

While he picks up the cat to make him wear the onesie, his brother-in-law tells him that it's not for him. So he asks, 'What's it for?'

Sister gives brother a baby onesie to hint she's pregnant but it flew right over his head
Cover Image Source: TikTok | u/i_am_scared_ok

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 10, 2023. It has since been updated.

Pregnancy announcement videos are adorable. From grandparents being teary-eyed to siblings who can't hold back their happiness - these videos are just perfect. In one such video posted on Reddit by u/JuliusFreezzer, a couple can be seen trying to tell one of their brothers that they are pregnant. The video begins with the brother opening a gift to find a small onesie. He instantly thinks it's for his cat and says, "Come here, girl." While he picks up the cat, his brother-in-law tells him that it's not for the cat. So he asks, "What's it for?" He suddenly realizes and runs and picks up his sister saying, "Let's go!" Throughout the video, the couple can be heard laughing seeing the reaction of the brother. It ends with the caption, "But he's going to be the best uncle ever."

Reddit | u/JuliusFrezzer
Reddit| u/JuliusFrezzer


The hilarious video has 29.5k upvotes and is captioned, "pregnancy announcement gone funny." Many on Reddit loved the brother's reaction. u/AmberLill commented, "The excitement for the thought of getting his cat something to wear randomly brings just pure joy to me. This guy is awesome!!" u/i_am_scared_ok commented, "I think this is the funniest reaction to a pregnancy I’ve ever seen lmao. Absolutely no hesitation and pure joy when he thought it was for the cat." u/HatMuseum commented, "Always love this one. He probably has the cutest relationship with his cat. I can never make out her name though." u/Affectionate_Salt351 commented, "This is the sweetest and most wholesome video ever. Thank you for the serotonin!" u/PerplezedPoppy commented, "I really hope when the baby comes they buy matching outfits for the cat

." u/Mr_mcBOWcommented, "I envy people who are able to have this kind of relationship with their siblings.." u/Toadday commented, "I dig this dude's vibe. Just the kind of people you'd want around."

Reddit | u/JuliusFreezzer
Reddit| u/JuliusFreezzer


In another story, to make space for a new baby, parents put up an eviction notice on their older son's crib. The photo with the printed note was posted on Reddit, and read, "Eviction Notice—Please note that you are required to vacate the premises by October 19th as a new tenant will be moving in. Sincerely, Mum & Dad." There is an ultrasound image attached to the notice. In the first of the two pictures, the child wearing a green top and grey pajamas can be seen looking at the notice. In the second one, he is seen crying. 

The post has about 3,800 upvotes and is captioned, "Just evicted my rentoid son for being 1 minute late on rent." Many on Reddit loved that the parents were teaching him the concept of rent from a young age. One Reddit user commented, "Teach them to tip from a young age, this is good parenting." u/proxxzilla wrote, Please remind him to turn the unit over in the same condition or better than when his lease started. If he has no deposit then just file the collection anyways. Your property, your rules!" u/Beeglawish-Deekcok commented, "60 whole seconds? A bit generous don’t you think?"


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