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Sister finds ingenious way to extract her younger brother's loose tooth and boy, she aced it

Taylor Underhill, a professional golfer, decided that her younger brother didn't need a dentist appointment.

Sister finds ingenious way to extract her younger brother's loose tooth and boy, she aced it
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @taylorunderhillgolf

One of the common horrors we share from our childhood is when we have to pull out our loose baby teeth. Professional golfer Taylor Underhill–who goes by @taylorunderhill on Instagram–found a genius plan to help her younger brother pull out his loose tooth. The junior golfer from Arizona and her brother thought they should record this fun idea of extracting a lower canine tooth from his mouth.

Image Source: Instagram | @taylorunderhillgolf
Image Source: Instagram | @taylorunderhillgolf

She tied one end of a string to her brother's tooth and another to a golf ball. Dressed in her golfing uniform, she took her position to hit the ball with her usual precision. A single swing and hit sent the ball flying toward the wall and yanked away the tooth from her brother's mouth successfully as well. Thankfully, she had the support of her brave brother, who let her perform this quick tooth extraction stunt on him and even leaped in joy afterward, showing the loose tooth to the camera. Even though this can lead to accidents if people try to replicate Underhill's golf shot, the viewers on Instagram were delighted by the performance and the modern dental solution.

@derickphantastic joked, "As a dentist, pediatric dentist, orthodontist, and golfer, I’d like to offer you a job." @eb_695 pointed out, "Why is no one talking about how she got dressed in golf clothes?" @luckylloyd11 wondered, "Imagine she hit his chin and it doesn’t pull it out but just makes it hurt." @tonymerryman quipped, "Nice looking swing and nice looking follow through. I hope the tooth fairy will come to see your brother." @bosswell_jude11 pointed out, "Anyone else notices the TV right behind the net, no way I'd hit right into my TV like that." Well, Underhill might be helping her younger brother take out a loose tooth creatively, but here is another sister giving her brother an important lesson on household chores through an adorable exchange.

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A young girl named Jette made her brother understand a few things when he was throwing a tantrum about folding clothes. Her way of explaining domestic duties touched many hearts, making the video posted by @theblackmanfamilyofficial popular in no time. The family account where the parents of these siblings often post their shenanigans online to entertain others possibly made grown-ups ponder a lot on the words of the little girl. While the family was on a trip, young Jette noted that her elder brother Nimo was playing rather than folding his clothes.

She immediately told him that this was wrong and disrespectful to the staff. The daughter told Nimo to take off his pajamas and fold them. But the young boy didn't care about his chores and continued playing around. Jette did not lose her patience with Nimo and explained why it was important for him to fold his clothes. "Because if you don't fold it, the cleaner will have to fold it," she told Nimo. The girl tried to make him understand that cleaners already have a lot on their plate while arranging multiple rooms.

Anything that individuals can do on their own, they must do to make the whole process easier for the staff. "You don't want to give them too much work," Jette complained. But Nimo continued to play and pretended not to hear his sister. Jette was not giving up until she could bring her brother on the right track and her expression changed to make Nimo aware that she was displeased with his behavior. Nimo knew what he had to do instantly. He assured her that he would be folding his clothes in a minute after he was done playing with his toys. At the end of the day, sisters do their best for their brothers after all.

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You can follow Taylor Underhill (@taylorunderhillgolf) on Instagram to follow her golf journey.

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