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Sister can't help but laugh at brother's toxic girlfriend for asking why no one likes her

People appreciate a woman's witty and honest response to her brother's toxic girlfriend who never acknowledges her own shortcomings.

Sister can't help but laugh at brother's toxic girlfriend for asking why no one likes her
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio; Reddit | u/Interesting_Web_3148

Love can be blind at times. And sometimes, this blindness can work against people and prevent them from seeing an unhealthy relationship for what it is. u/Interesting_Web_3148 shared how her brother had started dating a girl who was extremely toxic, passive-aggressive and snarky and would pass mean comments on others. But that was not the only issue. She also never acknowledged her own shortcomings and wondered why nobody in her boyfriend's family liked her. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

The 20-year-old sister shares how her 23-year-old brother, Mark, had been dating his 22-year-old girlfriend Jane for a year. "She is one of the most passive-aggressive, snarky people you will ever meet. Her middle name is 'petty,'" the woman shares. Jane was so inconsiderate that she criticized the woman's mother for accommodating her younger sister, who was autistic, at the table. Jane insisted that her mother was "enabling an entitled brat."

Another incident was when Mark wanted a tattoo and their mother supported his decision. He had been saving for it for many years and deposited the same. Jane did not like this and proceeded to call their mother and inform her that she was not going to allow for "emotional incest." She also added that she would be more than happy to take the entire group for family therapy.

The woman shares how there were many other incidents where Jane was outright disrespectful to her mother. Jane was the embodiment of a toxic person. So, the family decided not to invite her for Christmas. The woman's mother ended up blocking Jane, so she called up the woman to inform her that she was three months pregnant and went on about the dynamics of their family. Jane then asked the woman, "Why don't you all like me?"

She was quite shocked to hear this and burst out laughing. Jane did not initially respond but soon said, "I'll call you when you're in the mood to be more mature," and cut the call. The woman told her mother about the incident, who sided with her. But her brother Mark was mad at her and her mother told him he needed to address her rude comments. Jane apparently was expecting an apology from the woman for her reaction over the phone call.

Image Source: Reddit | u/woahmandogchamp
Image Source: Reddit | u/woahmandogchamp
Image Source: Reddit | u/Sebscreen
Image Source: Reddit | u/Sebscreen

The woman concluded the post by sharing how her brother refused to talk to her and his girlfriend blocked her number. She asked people on the platform if she was wrong with this situation. People provided lots of supportive messages for the woman in the comment section. u/Regular_Swordfish_85 said, "NTA, you guys should have talked with Mark a long time ago to dump this girl. She is a nightmare, and now pregnant, it will only get worse."

u/AngelicClamorBreeze said, "NTA - It sounds like Jane has consistently shown disrespect to your family, and your laughter was likely a spontaneous reaction to the irony of her asking why no one likes her despite her behavior." u/Davethema added, "NTA. I feel sorry for your brother. Keep your distance from her, she seems like she wants to bring everyone down around her." While u/Icy_Session3326 shared a serious concern and wrote, "Definitely NTA. I wonder if Jane knows that there’s a possibility that the child she’s about to have could also be autistic. If it’s in the family then it’s likely in the genetics."

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