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Single mom redefines body positivity when man cancels date with her after seeing her postpartum belly

Womanhood is a beautiful journey, which includes motherhood. While it's a heartwarming feeling, it also brings inevitable physical changes to a woman's body.

Single mom redefines body positivity when man cancels date with her after seeing her postpartum belly
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @charliesmom_gotitgoingon

Women have always been judged about their appearance and more often than not, they are never enough. Our society is quite patriarchal in some aspects, but it is undoubtedly on a path to achieving equality and empathy for women. While the whole world is working towards being better, a single mom named Sarah Jo–who goes by @charliesmom_gotitgoingon on Tiktok–posted a video that took us back a few years, all owed to an incident that made her post the video.  

Image Source: TikTok | @charliesmom_gotitgoingon
Image Source: TikTok | @charliesmom_gotitgoingon

In her video, she has a screenshot of a text conversation between herself and another person. The first text is Sarah sending the person across, supposedly a man who asked her out on a date, some of her pictures on the beach. Below that, is a text she had sent, which read, "Most recent pics taken from Jan 1st of this year, lol." So far, it seems fine. No red flags. Nothing problematic. Honestly? Quite normal too. In this age of Bumble and Tinder, you never really know how someone looks. 

Image Source: TikTok | @charliesmom_gotitgoingon
Image Source: TikTok | @charliesmom_gotitgoingon

However, the man's reply changes the mood of the conversation. He replied to her photos and text, saying, "Yeah, the loose skin from the pregnancy is the only thing. I appreciate you being so understanding, that's rare, I promise, lol." Sarah politely replied to this person's statement, "No problem, I guess have a good one, lol. Nice meeting you." Despite the man's evident rudeness and misogynistic opinion, Sarah decided to handle the situation like a true champ and she redefined body positivity. Along with the clip, she wrote: "Where do men find the audacity #DatingFail #bodypositivity #datingafterdivorce."

The comments section raged with people supporting the lady. @___ajm____ said, "If he doesn't like women, he should just say that." Another user, @Ilamadelray90210, gave a different perspective and said, "As a lesbian, I legitimately can't imagine not being attracted to a woman just because of loose skin or stretch marks… Do men even like women?" @whitney_rainsmom suggested, "You should be able to rate people you've matched with on Tinder." Pushing Sarah to know her worth and show it well, @sabachka32 said, "Why did you include the, 'lol?' These photos are beautiful and nothing to laugh about! Never degrade yourself for male approval, even subtly." 

Image Source: TikTok | @mojo8891


One's potential to love and be loved can in no way be based on how one looks. @kvibes14 dropped some truth bombs when they said, "But be the same ones that want to have kids. Like, sir, do you realize our bodies will change?" @yukon.cordeliah said, "These boys are the same ones with the half-court hairlines. you dodged that bullet, lol." To this, Sarah, who has separated from her partner, replied, "I dodged a nuclear bomb and I'm not even mad about it, haha." @jaksiemasz714 joked, "You know those old men who sit in the corner of bars and remind you why you don’t go out anymore after 30…..yeah, that’s him."

Image Source: TikTok | @birdie_leigh

Sarah's video went viral and gained over 1M views and 46.2K likes. After the popularity, she posted a follow-up video with the caption, "Officially open to suggestions for opening lines," where she shared different responses from people she swiped right on dating sites and explained why it gets so difficult to date after a certain age. 

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