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Single mom moved to tears by divorce attorney's wholesome gesture after she asks for final invoice

The mom had been going through a lot, trying to attain a divorce. Her attorney did more than legal formalities for her.

Single mom moved to tears by divorce attorney's wholesome gesture after she asks for final invoice
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | SHVETS Production; Twitter | @messydepressy6

Having to fight legal battles for whatever reasons is straining in many ways. Apart from the mental disturbances, there are also financial worries that come into play. In times like these, having someone to support and reach out in any way accounts for a lot. A mother (@messydepressy6) shared on X (previously Twitter) how her legal attorney came to her rescue when she was facing a hard time. She also revealed how the woman helped her with her added dose of kindness. The gesture that the mom never saw coming turned out to be a blessing for her and her family.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| @August de Richelieu
Representative Image Source: Pexels| August de Richelieu

In her post, which has amassed over 151k likes, the mom mentioned that she was going through a rough divorce. Her attorney had been supportive and helpful throughout the entire process with her talent and duties as well as her understanding and empathetic approach. After the hectic and struggling process had come to a victorious end, the mom mentioned that she texted her attorney to settle the bills. “I asked my divorce attorney for the final invoice. I owed her $3404 and change,” the mother said. However, when she texted her attorney about the same, she received an overwhelming response that moved her to tears.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| SHVETS Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels| SHVETS Production

The mother attached screenshots of her chat with her attorney. She has mentioned to the woman that she wouldn’t be able to pay the entire amount at once but would like to start paying it bit by bit. To this, her attorney selflessly replied, “You can just send me $150 to cover the actual expenses like the service, summons and whatnot and we’ll call it even.” The mom was taken aback by the attorney letting go of such a huge sum of money. “Are you kidding me, Joy? You’ve done so much for me and my kids,” the mom said in disbelief. The attorney had yet another befittingly wholesome reply, which brought the mom to tears.


She said, “It’s the holidays. Save the money for the kids for Christmas, not for legal bills.” The mom thanked her with mixed emotions. Soon after she had sent the $150, the mom pressed on the woman to take the rest of her dues in installments. She said, “I plan on continuing to give you more when I can, you really saved me.” She further mentioned how important it was for her to get her divorce and save herself from triggering events, which the attorney helped her through. “I could never repay you for what you have done for me and my family. I aspire to be an attorney with your kind heart when I’m all said and done,” the mom added.



The woman again assured the mom that she had nothing more to pay and that everything had been sorted. “Go on with your life and do good with you and your kids,” the woman added. In a thread, the mom replied to her tweet and revealed, “I’m currently in school for criminal justice. I plan on being a lawyer and doing things exactly like this.” She also disclosed that her former husband was making it hard for her to attain the divorce with his demands and attitude, but her attorney stuck by her without her having to worry about affording her service. @ComplexCut said, “Your divorce lawyer is an angel.” @thelizabetch said, “This is the type of lawyer I wanna be. Bless her heart.”


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