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Sia just casually paid off everyone's bills at Walmart as a pre-Thanksgiving present

The singer went undercover at an outlet in Palm Springs, California and made everyone's day. She's an everyday hero!

Sia just casually paid off everyone's bills at Walmart as a pre-Thanksgiving present

Artist Sia stopped by a local Walmart and TJ Maxx to make everyone's days just a little bit better. At respective store branches in Palm Springs, California, on Wednesday last week, the singer went cash register by cash register and paid off every shopper's bill as a pre-Thanksgiving surprise. That's at least one thing all those customers had to be thankful for that week. However, that's not even the best part. Because her identity is pretty anonymous — after all, she performs at concerts with giant wigs on and has been featured in none of her music videos — she decided to use a fake name as she performed her random act of kindness. Needless to say, the singer's kind deed went absolutely viral across the internet.



As per videos now trending on social media platforms, the Grammy-nominated artist went by the name "Cici." She told all the shoppers that she had just won the lottery and wanted to do something nice to pay it forward. According to the shoppers there, no one really recognized her — at first. One shopper even stated that she only realized it was Sia once videos and pictures surfaced on the internet. Nonetheless, one customer did notice it was Sia and asked if she could take a photo with her. In response, she covertly said, "Sure, I'm Cici." The customer immediately apologized for revealing her identity but added afterward that her "kindness must be acknowledged."



The shopper, taking to Twitter, wrote, "So Sia paid for my groceries today, thank you so much! The heart and beautiful soul you have for paying for everyone! I’m sorry for telling everyone once I realized who you were! But this kindness must be acknowledged!" Soon after, everyone wanted a photo with the Elastic Heart singer. In videos uploaded online, she can be seen nonchalantly walking through Walmart and asking people, "Who’s next?" She then casually swipes her card. In one video, Sia is seen hugging a woman while another individual hands her a beautiful bouquet of flowers to thank her for her wonderful act of kindness.



She is yet to comment on the pre-Thanksgiving surprise she gave a bunch of shoppers, but people across the internet have already expressed their appreciation. One user posted, "Tell me why the lady buying everyone items at my Walmart was the singer Sia. Totally didn’t know it was her. I kept thanking her 'cause she was buying customers baskets full of items. And she did not once ask for any recognition. Bless her heart." Another added, "Sia paying for everyone’s stuff at Walmart by telling them her name is Cici and that she’d just won the lottery is, without question, the most important pop culture moment of the decade." Sia is definitely one of the most compassionate celebrities out there, and her act of kindness has won the hearts of many.


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