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Shopper smartly puts an impatient fellow buyer in his place for rushing them at grocery checkout

The impatient customer thought he could rush the shopper and get away with it but he learned his lesson.

Shopper smartly puts an impatient fellow buyer in his place for rushing them at grocery checkout
Representative Cover Image Source: (L)Pexels| Ivan Samkov (R) Reddit/u/stark_saviour

Loading one’s items onto the conveyor belt during checkout at the grocery store can be awkward. Though it’s a completely normal scenario, the pressure of not wanting to be an inconvenience gets the better of customers and the situation can feel tense. In times like this, if there is an impatient and mindless customer rushing another and adding to the tension, minds are bound to get boggled. u/stark_saviour shared their experience while they were at the grocery store and added how they shrewdly gave the annoying customer a piece of their mind in the most subtle way. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Kmapus Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Kampus Production

The title of the post read, “Grocery store check out, I am in no rush.” The customer gave some backstory and explained that they were at the checkout line and patiently waiting for the previous person ahead of them to finish with their items. “However, I can feel and sense the person behind me giving all the passive-aggressive signs of being in a rush and wanting to go fast,” they added. The customer then said that they ignored it and went up to the conveyor belt to load their items. “There is an inch of space on the end to which this person decides to start loading their items. Despite clearly seeing my still half-full cart,” the customer remarked. 

The post further stated the possible reactions the customer could have had to the disturbing man who cut them off. They mentioned that they had three options. They said, “Now I can, one, start frantically loading my items further down the belt like it's a race against time. Two, politely tell this person I am not done loading.” However, the customer came up with a third alternative to tackle the ill-mannered behavior of the person behind them. They very casually allowed the other person to mindlessly add items onto the belt while they added their items too. “I have no work today, no rush for me,” they added. The shopper then put out a sarcastically hilarious act to put the other person in their place.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Gustavo Fring
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Gustavo Fring

While the total got messed up thanks to the man’s impatience, the customer pretended that they had no idea how. “The total was told to me and I was shocked it was more than I expected. At which point, silly me, I noticed some of his items got put with mine. Oh no, it's gonna take some time now to fix this and we are all going to have to wait patiently,” the customer said casually. Pretending that they didn’t realize the man was loading his groceries on the belt seemed like the best way to react over creating a commotion. The customer very smartly called out the man by their pretense and later shot them a look of, “I knew.”

They further mentioned that none of them said a word to each other "but my actions just screamed, ‘Slow down and wait for your turn you prick'." With over 5k upvotes, commenters applauded the customer for their calm yet intelligent move. Many even shared their experiences and the moves they pulled. u/wwwhistler said, “Same situation except I just went ahead and paid for then took the items that had been scanned. They were stuff I used so… thanks?” u/La_Elena said, “I work at a grocery store. People are so oblivious sometimes. I probably would have then said. ‘You know what? I think I changed my mind on these items and sent them to 'go-backs'.” 

Image Source: Reddit/u/fractal_frog
Image Source: Reddit/u/fractal_frog


Image Source: Reddit/u/John0815
Image Source: Reddit/u/John0815


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