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Shelter staff gives heartwarming send-off to beloved dog who finally got adopted after lengthy stay

Jax bid farewell to the staff, giving each member a little kiss before being taken into the loving embrace of his new owner.

Shelter staff gives heartwarming send-off to beloved dog who finally got adopted after lengthy stay
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Regina Humane Society

Adopting a pet dog is a wonderful way to bring joy and companionship into your life. Not only do you get a loyal friend, but you also give a second chance at life to a deserving animal. Adopting animals from a shelter or rescue organization not only saves a life but also helps to reduce the number of animals in need. Before adopting, it is essential to consider the responsibilities that come with pet ownership, such as providing proper care, attention and training.

Jax, a lovable pup, spent considerable time at the Regina Humane Society, eagerly awaiting his fur-ever home, reported My Modern Met. Despite being nursed back to health by the staff, he remained unadopted. Jax arrived at the shelter in a malnourished state and was later diagnosed with pneumonia.



After receiving medical care and gaining weight, Jax was put up for adoption. Unfortunately, people continued to pass him by, and the staff was disheartened every time his kennel was ignored. While Jax's backstory is unclear, what is clear is that this furry friend deserved a loving home, and the shelter hoped to find the perfect match soon. According to the shelter, the affectionate dog desired some human company.

Bill Thorn, the Regina Humane Society’s director, told The Dodo: "It wasn’t anything aggressive. He was really suffering from something known as barrier frustration. He’s a super nice dog, but there was a barrier in his kennel, and he couldn’t get to people to be with them. He just wanted to be petted, but it could often be off-putting for people."


Despite having a sign on his kennel explaining his situation, Jax did not attract potential adopters. The staff then made the decision to move him to their reception area, where he could display his endearing personality. Jax had earned the distinction of being a 'long-timer' at the shelter by the time he was taken up to the reception area. Typically, dogs spend 10-12 days at the Regina Humane Society, but Jax was there for several months. As the days went by, the shelter staff grew increasingly attached to him.


Thorn said, "During that time, he became a bit of a staff favorite because we all knew how nice of a dog he was, but we just had to get him into a place where he could show that." After a prolonged stay at the Regina Humane Society, Jax, the affectionate pup, has finally found his forever home. However, bidding farewell to Jax wasn't easy for the staff, who had grown attached to him during his lengthy stay.

Thorn added, "He was even sponsored, so his adoption fees were covered, but he still sat until it finally happened." As Jax was leaving the shelter, the team lined up to give him a proper send-off, crouched down and applauded him. A heart-melting video captured the moment when Jax bid farewell, giving a little kiss to each staff member before being taken into the loving embrace of his new owner. 

As Jax reached the end of the line, he sprinted toward his new owner and nestled himself in his embrace. Jax and his new dad have since made several visits to the shelter to greet everyone with warm embraces once again. Thorn said, "It took a while, but we found the right person for Jax, and that’s what it’s all about."

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