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Shelter takes the cutest photos of their longest residents to help find them their forever homes

St. Hubert’s staff hatched a plan to help the dogs get adopted with Valentine photoshoots and pink boas.

Shelter takes the cutest photos of their longest residents to help find them their forever homes
Cover Image Source: Instagram / Kelsey Dubinsky

On Valentine's Day, shelter dogs Olga, Nova, Indy Anna Jones, Rosalie and Aurora sat in their kennels at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center, thinking they might never find a special someone who could love them. As the longest-staying animals in the shelter, these puppies were accustomed to being ignored and accepted a lonely life. However, St. Hubert's staff decided to do something about it. They hatched a plan to help the crew get adopted. All they needed was fuzzy pink boas, fancy sunglasses and some treats. "We wanted to get a little creative so they would get more attention on our website and social media," Diane Ashton, St. Hubert's director of communications, told The Dodo.





Photographer Kelsey Dubinsky, with the help of the staff, arranged Valentine's photoshoot in hopes that this might be just what these dogs needed to find their forever homes. "Dubinsky brought a bright pink background and fun props," Ashton said. "We had a blast at the photo shoot, and the dogs enjoyed all the extra petting and treats." Olga and Nova, the oldest ones, get less attention due to their age. Ashton hopes that despite their age, people notice the love and affection these vibrant dogs can give. "There are many benefits to adopting older dogs," Ashton said. "They don't require as much supervision and maintenance as younger dogs. They are often better behaved and understand basic commands. Plus, their personalities are already formed, so what you see is what you get!"





Though the photos have attracted a lot of attention, many dogs are still looking for a permanent loving home. According to CNN, an animal shelter in Auburn, Alabama, held a unique Valentine's Day matchmaking session for animals and their potential owners. The Lee County Humane Society had a two-day event called "Love Unleashed" to help bring furry companions and possible owners together. "This has been something that has been in the works for a few months now," said Kaitlyn Newell, the society's programs assistant. "We wanted to do something a little different for Valentine's Day, especially with the pandemic going on. I was inspired by different animal shelters using online dating services like Tinder and Bumble to match dogs with their forever homes."





The shelter created a matchmaking quiz where applicants can meet with specific cats or dogs. Future pet owners could also sign up for 45-minute "blind dates" to meet their prospective true love. "We've had an amazing response and have filled our appointments to the max and almost have tomorrow filled up as well," Newell said. "People seem to love taking the quiz and it truly helps us find a pet that fits their personality rather than going off looks alone." Speed dating for pets was also arranged so interested people could meet several pets based on a profile of available animals to share on social media.







"We wanted a type of event that would allow some of our longest residents to get a chance at finding a forever home," Newell said. Besides the quiz, pets were adopted at a discounted rate. Neutered or spayed animals were $14, whereas non-neutered or spayed animals were $64. If you're looking for a dog, maybe consider adopting one. Not only will they fill your life with unbridled joy and love, but you will also find yourself a new forever friend.

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