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Shelter dog Kimmy who was seized from a fighting ring finds her forever home after a 2-year wait

Having come from the ring, Kimmy was 'scarred.' However, nothing made her cheerfulness and hope waver and after 2 years, she found her permanent home.

Shelter dog Kimmy who was seized from a fighting ring finds her forever home after a 2-year wait
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Carol Sherwood

Animal shelters are one of the blessed places to be home to several furry babies and adults with paws, claws and much love to spare. Abandoned, injured, tortured and more, these creatures often show resilience beyond comparison. Their persistence, determination and unconditional love is one to learn from. Humane Society Of West Michigan shared the story of Kimmy Gibbler, a 4-year-old pitbull mix. The fun and buoyant canine found her happy ending after nearly 2 years. Humane Society Of West Michigan shared a post on Facebook, announcing that the tough and loving paw pal has completed her journey with the animal shelter and will be heading to her new home and parents.



The post read, "Kimmy Gibbler has been adopted! Kimmypalooza has been a success and Kimmy has found her new home." The post included a picture of Kimmy as cheerful as ever. According to the organization, Kimmy had been at the animal shelter for the longest duration of nearly two years. She was picked up from a ring fight and was bruised. Another post mentioned that she was the most "scarred" dog to come into the facility. The post read, "But you would never know how hard her past has been from her behavior. The Kimmy we know and love is social she is playful and snuggly and loves walks with her amazing foster. She has been referred to as a 'total wiggle-butt.'"



The animal shelter also created a Kimmypalooza to find Kimmy a new home before she completed her 2nd anniversary. It was a 29-day focus on Kimmy Gibbler, sharing much about her. Each day, the shelter would post a picture of Kimmy along with some attributes that people cannot help but admire. One of the posts read, "Nothing can stop Kimmy Gibbler from having fun! She's a tank when she plays - she'll do anything to catch a ball. She's an expert in acrobatics. Kimmy likes to play rough, but she knows her boundaries. She knows when to be gentle while maintaining the excitement that she gets when it's playtime!" These posts spread to several viewers. Many even shared and posted comments in hopes that Kimmy may find a worthy parent.



One of the staff members at the shelter, Angie Huizenga, commented on the post by saying, "I've been volunteering with y'all for 2 years now and I remember walking through the kennels and seeing her for the first time, as her appearance was a bit surprising. But this dog has taught me so much about not judging a book by its cover." Kimmy had indeed won hearts during her span at the shelter. Leah Bristol said, "What a sweet baby! I don't know how anyone can subject these animals to things like dog fighting and other forms of abuse." With much support and love for Kimmy, the good news finally arrived.



Kimmy was ready to begin a new chapter. In a recent post, Kimmy's new owner, Carol Sherwood, even commented, "Kimmy says thank you for the amazing gift basket and for taking such good care of me! I'm with my new family now, and we are doing fine, even though those old people give up after only 4-5 hours of throwing my ball." Sherwood even posts regularly about the adventures Kimmy has been having discovering her new home and all about her parents. In one post, Sherwood shared how Kimmy's morning began with her dad and the duo are seen happily relaxing on the couch with enthusiastic Kimmy ever-ready to play. After nearly two years, Kimmy's persistence in love and hope has led her to find her place where she truly belongs!


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