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She went viral for calling out companies that don't list salaries on their job postings

TikTok user Maysun Valles ranted about firms that are not transparent about their salary offerings. The internet raged with her.

She went viral for calling out companies that don't list salaries on their job postings
Image Source: maysunmilk / TikTok

At a time when the United States is experiencing labor shortages across numerous industries, firms are yet to let go of certain questionable hiring practices. One of those is not being transparent about the potential salary of a job listing. TikTok user Maysun Valles, who goes by the username Maysunmilk on the platform, decided to call these companies out. In her now-viral TikTok video, she describes what it was like to interview for a company that did not reveal the pay she would receive until the end of the interview she was called in for. And of course, she discovered the pay was far too low, Bored Panda reports.


"Listen, I need these companies and these managers to grow up and like get a grip on reality," she says in the clip. "Okay, I applied to a job where they did not list the pay. That was my fault. That was my bad. Okay, I should know. Red flag, okay?" She continues to state that she could make a separate video about missing the red flag about the job posting. Nonetheless, she affirms, "That should be f*cking illegal at this point. Like, list the f*cking pay. It is a job."

Valles then tells her viewers what happened after the interview. "I go through the interview, we get to the end of the interview," she explains. "He tells me the pay. It is low. And so he asked how I am feeling. And I said, frankly, like the pay is low and I cannot work that. I will be completely honest." However, she did not end the interview there. Instead, she pushed the manager to explain why the firm chose to not list the salary. The TikTok user shares, "I brought it up that [the salary] was not listed on the job listing and he was like, 'Yeah, you know, here is the thing. There is a lot more here to gain than just money. And we are looking for people that are motivated by more than just money.'"

At this point, Valles expresses her anger about companies and managers who believe pay is not a motivating factor. "They need to grow up," she reiterates. "I do not know what fantasy world you are living in, where people are letting you pay them in gold star stickers or whatever but I live in the real world where people need money to survive." Folks in the comments section agreed with her. One fellow user wrote, "I work for money, not experiences, lol." Another added, "So true. If they do not list their pay, most likely it is low."

Others suggested how to nip the problem in the bud, such as asking for the hourly rate or salary first so neither the employer nor the interviewee wastes their time. Some TikTok users, however, lightened the mood with some humor. One person joked, "My mortgage company does not accept 'room for growth' as a form of payment.'" But overall, folks agreed that it is high time employers follow appropriate hiring protocol and be transparent with the pay they are offering for a job.


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