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She wanted heartwarming, wholesome birth photos. Her husband's 'best' attempt turned out hilarious.

'I wasn't trying to be a glam girl but I wanted to look presentable. I wish I had brushed my hair,' the new mom shared.

She wanted heartwarming, wholesome birth photos. Her husband's 'best' attempt turned out hilarious.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @taylorrenaysilva

Giving birth is a painful yet precious and memorable experience. One new mom wanted to capture the memory forever through beautiful, heartwarming pictures and tasked her husband with photographing her as she gave birth to their child.

But in a hilarious turn of events, she woke up to an "expectations vs reality" situation. Not everyone is a photographer, and neither is her husband who was entrusted with this responsibility. Taylor Silva (@taylorrenaysilva) shared the story in a TikTok video that received more than two million views. It was captioned: "It's the wet rag on my forehead for me lol."

The text overlay reads, "Pictures I wanted my husband to get during labor and delivery (and) what I got." The first half of the video clip includes images of pregnant and postpartum women smiling through labor or holding their newborns while appearing to be refreshed and relaxed. 

Image Source: TikTok | @taylorrenaysilva
Image Source: TikTok | @taylorrenaysilva

The following photos show Silva in the throes of labor, with a wet rag on her forehead and holding her daughter, Kennedy, who was born in January 2022. Silva is seated in a wheelchair, gulping coffee, before leaving for the hospital with her baby in the final image. These images were realistic and no less beautiful but Silva didn't think so.

In an interview with TODAY, Silva shared: "I didn't bring any makeup to the hospital but I wasn't expecting to look that bad. I wasn't trying to be a glam girl but I wanted to look presentable. I wish I had brushed my hair. I was in labor for 43 hours so by the time I pushed, I was out of gas. It was the worst and best day of my life because I was in so much pain."

Image Source: TikTok | @taylorrenaysilva
Image Source: TikTok | @taylorrenaysilva


Silva's husband was in charge of photographing and sharing photos with their family members, who were not permitted in the delivery room due to COVID-19 policies. Silva claims she was "out of it" while her husband took pictures of her. At first glance, Silva was initially disturbed by the images.

"I said, 'These are terrible but of course, thank you for getting them,'" Silva revealed, adding that she eventually accepted the photographs as they were and shared them with the world with a sense of humor. "My husband did the best he could," she said. "I wouldn't trade these photos for the world. After my second baby. I will make a comeback video."

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A week after their baby's birth, they were able to get some adorable pictures with their child. Silva captioned an Instagram post featuring an image of the new parents holding their baby: "One week with our baby girl and we still can’t believe you are here. We’ve already learned so much about you and can’t wait to watch you grow every day." Some mothers on TikTok could relate to her birthing experience and encouraged her to embrace the beauty in these images.

Some moms even shared how they couldn't even get any birth pictures. "I got a bunch of double chin pics and a pic of me in a diaper," shared @user9837295749845. "Back in 1981, my husband’s only job was to take photos of the birth. He took them with the lens cap on," commented @marymalone07. "Candid is 100% better, and the truth of the matter. It isn’t glamorous like it’s portrayed on social media!" wrote @user8257979352544. "I don’t have any and I’m a little bit envious and probably a lot more thankful," added @Billie Williams

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