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She made the cops a Thanksgiving feast for 40 years. They surprised her with big birthday parade.

The New York State Police wanted to make sure Adele Ambrose's 91st birthday was super special, so they threw her a massive parade.

She made the cops a Thanksgiving feast for 40 years. They surprised her with big birthday parade.
Image Source: New York State Police / Facebook

For the past four decades, Adele Ambrose from Long Island, New York, has been cooking up a delicious feast for the folks at the New York State Police Department. The tradition first began in the '70s, but continued long after the first Thanksgiving she cooked for them. She has since fostered a special relationship with the state troopers of Riverhead, New York. In order to repay her for all her love, effort, and kindness, the police officials decided to surprise her with a massive birthday parade outside her home as she self-isolates, CNN reports. It was, needless to say, a birthday she won't soon forget.


The parade was held in honor of Adele's 91st birthday. She was seated in front of a large window in her house and even got to wear a fancy tiara for the birthday procession. As she sat in front of the window, New York State Police and firefighters drove past her home with their sirens blaring. As the 91-year-old is blind, the sirens were the troopers' way of communicating with her. The beautiful gesture was captured on video and posted to the official New York State Police Facebook page. In the video, the senior citizen is seen becoming emotional towards the very end. As she smiles, she also bursts into tears when she learns of the incredible impact she has had on her community. Her son Mike said that Adele even toasted with an O'Douls as her birthday parade passed by.



The police department posted the video and stated, "Always special when we can say thank you back. We were proud to be part of her parade after all she has done for us." The department was referring to all the Thanksgiving feasts Adele cooked up for them over the past 40 years. The tradition began when her husband, a mechanic who worked on the troopers' vehicles, would ask them to go inside their home to grab a bit to eat. One of Adele's daughters, Dawn, explained on Facebook, "So they became family and that's how it began in the middle '70s. My dad said if you do for others they will do for you." Tracy, her other daughter, added, "Thank you, thank you. Every year, every holiday and birthday you celebrate our mom. This year was over the top! I am proud that mom has brought so much happiness to each and every one of you as she has for all of us. My family and I are forever grateful. May you all stay safe and healthy. God bless."



According to Dawn, even though Adele is blind and has suffered several strokes over the years, her memory is undeniably strong. Her son Mike added on Facebook, "Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to reach out to her. She greatly appreciates your kind words." At a time when social-distancing and self-isolation have made us all feel incredibly alone, these sweet gestures remind us of the importance of community. It is no surprise therefore that the Facebook video has gone viral. Since it was first uploaded to the social media platform on Thursday, it has been viewed over 200,000 times. It has also received over 11,000 reactions and 540 comments.


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