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She made a heartwarming Christmas ornament from her late husband's glasses. Let the tears flow.

Christy Hester wanted something to remember her husband by, so she transformed his glasses into something adorable and deeply personal.

She made a heartwarming Christmas ornament from her late husband's glasses. Let the tears flow.
Image Source: virginia.buck.144 / Facebook

For many people, 2020 has been a tumultuous year filled with heartbreak and difficulties. This is particularly true for Christy Hester from Twin Lake, Michigan, who lost her husband Richard Hester earlier this year. Following his death, she had an even more challenging task: sorting out his belongings. Among some of the things she decided to keep were his spectacles, which he always had on. This Christmas, Hester chose to make a heartwarming Christmas ornament with the glasses so she would always be able to keep a piece of her loving husband with her during the holiday season, Good Morning America reports.

Image Source: christy.critchetthester / Facebook

Hester got creative. Using some pipe cleaners, acrylic paint, and a marker, she made adorable little snowman ornaments out of two of her husband's spectacles. Once she was done with her deeply personal crafts project, she shared photos of her creations on a public Facebook group called Rainbows over Michigan. There, it quickly went viral. Facebook users began sharing the post with their friends outside the group as well. She only realized she went viral after speaking with some of the children she teaches. "I'm a middle school teacher, and I said to the kids, 'Am I going viral?'" She reflected in an interview with Good Morning America. "I asked what do you guys think is a lot [of likes], and they said 10,000. I said, 'I'm up to 18,000.' So, I went up a couple notches in the cool factor, I guess."


Of course, the Christmas ornament is more important to Hester than a bunch of likes on Faceook. She explained, "His glasses always sat at the bedside table. Some things you keep, and some things you don't. I decided to keep them." Her husband died in their home on January 5 this year. As this was way before the pandemic truly hit the United States, he had the opportunity to be surrounded by members of their family. He passed away at the age of 89 due to heart and lung complications. He is survived by his wife as well as five children and two grandchildren.


Hester described her husband as "a man with a great sense of humor who loved fishing on his pontoon boat." She would often sit beside him. She sat beside him and read a book while he fished. The grieving wife sought help and support online through virtual grief groups. It was through a page online that she discovered the idea to transform his glasses into Christmas ornaments. She said there were "lots of tears" during the process. Nonetheless, she is incredibly happy to have reached so many folks through her small but meaningful homemade Christmas ornament. Hester said, "I've appreciated the prayer and condolences from people I've never met and probably will never meet, because for whatever reason, this has touched their hearts." The glasses will now be passed on to younger generations within the Hester family so everyone can remember her kind and loving husband. 


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