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She grew up poor but her husband grew up wealthy. These are 10 of their differences.

Married couple Michaela and Alex come from very different income backgrounds, so they decided to share some of their varying habits.

She grew up poor but her husband grew up wealthy. These are 10 of their differences.
Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 27, 2022. It has since been updated.

Michaela and Alex are a loving couple. However, they come from vastly different backgrounds. While Michaela grew up in a low-income household, Alex grew up relatively wealthy. Although this does not change the love they have for each other, the couple recognized some key differences between how they run their household and finances when they started living together. To document these differences, they uploaded a video to TikTok. Some of the dissimilarities include their varying approaches to grocery shopping, their diverging food habits and even the way they clean their home. Here are 10 of the major differences they spotted.

1. Grocery Shopping

Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

"When grocery shopping, Alex would always get the name brand," Michaela shares. "I had to teach him that store brand is just as good with a few notable exceptions."

2. Pets

Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

Alex grew up with only purebred poodles as his dogs, whereas Michaela's childhood dog was a mutt from the pound. However, together, they adopted a pit bull mix from a county shelter in Atlanta.

3. Takeout

Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

"Michaela keeps everything from every takeout restaurant we have ever ordered from," Alex notes. "There is a whole drawer full of this stuff. She also keeps all of our gift bags, which is great for holidays, birthdays, and gift-giving, making it a lot easier.'

4. Leftovers

Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

Alex explains, "I like to finish all of our leftovers. Michaela will not finish the last of anything in the fridge. This is a byproduct of her growing up with food insecurity and not necessarily knowing where her next meal will come from."

5. Big Purchases

Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

Both Michaela and Alex are 26 years old, and Alex has not purchased a car, laptop, or cellphone himself. On the other hand, Michaela has bought every car, laptop and cellphone that she has ever owned.

6. Receipts

Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

"I keep all of my receipts in case there is something wrong with something that I bought and have to return it," Michaela states. "Alex does not keep receipts because if there is something wrong with what he bought, he will just buy another one."

7. Electricity

Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

Alex says, "Every time I leave a room and leave the light switch on, she will turn it off. Even if I am going right back into that room a minute later."

8. Meals

Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

While Alex only eats his meals until he is full, leaving behind leftovers in case he does not want to eat anymore, Michaela always finishes her plate. This is because she was not allowed to leave the table until she finished my plate. She shares, "I was wasteful if I did not."

9. Recycling

Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

Michaela has a collection of jars in case she can find a way to reuse them, but Alex will throw away or recycle stuff when he is done with it. As a child, Michaela was taught to never throw anything away.

10. Cleaning

Image Source: cuddleswpuddles / TikTok

According to Michaela, Alex is good at picking up but he is not as good at cleaning. This is primarily because he always had to pick up the cleaning service that he had access to his whole life. In contrast, Michaela is better at cleaning because if she wanted something to be clean, she had to do it herself. She reveals, "I am just naturally messier than he is."

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