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Illustrator's viral comics tackle society's 'oppressive' beauty expectations

Lainey Molnar is a 32-year-old independent artist who develops comics based on her thoughts on society, particularly the way it treats women.

Illustrator's viral comics tackle society's 'oppressive' beauty expectations
Image Source: lainey.molnar / Instagram

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 8, 2022. It has since been updated.

Lainey Molnar, who has gained internet fame for her empowering illustrations of women, is an illustrator based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her thought-provoking comics about society, its double standards and her own observations of how it functions have taken the internet by storm. By challenging oppressive beauty expectations, to tackling some of the microaggressions women face on a daily basis, Molnar highlights some of the nuances of the world we live in today. Now, thousands of folks share her artwork, hoping to build better communities that support women rather than shame or judge them for their choices. Here are 24 of her best illustrations.

1. Independence


2. Working Moms


3. Grief


4. Mornings


5. Body Types


6. Generational Trauma



7. Beach Bodies


8. Respect


9. Babies


10. Colorism


11. Being a Woman


12. Cellulite


13. Love is Love


14. Catcalling


15. Her Body, Her Choice


16. Weight


17. Loving Your Body


18. The Complete Woman


19. Birth Control


20. Marriage


21. Consent


22. What is Normal?


23. Mental Health


24. Friendship


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