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She didn't receive her full renting deposit back because of a single frozen pea. Yes, one pea.

TikTok user Matildaaahh2001 took to the social media platform to share the ridiculous reasons she and her flatmates did not receive their housing deposit back.

She didn't receive her full renting deposit back because of a single frozen pea. Yes, one pea.
Image Source: matildaaahh2001 / Twitter

In a now-viral TikTok video, one renter shared the "hilarious" reasons why she did not receive her renting deposit back from a property she recently vacated. TikTok user Matilda, who goes by the handle Matildaaahh2001 on the social media platform, alleged that she did not receive her deposit for a single pea that was left behind in the freezer and a small piece of paper that remained on the floor. While some believed she and her flatmates should have done a more thorough job of cleaning up, others felt like withholding the renters' full deposit for such minor clean-up jobs was rather unreasonable, LadBible reports.


In the video, Matilda wrote, "Rating the reasons we are not getting our full deposit back." The first reason she listed was "a single pea in the freezer." This, she scored a six on 10, claiming with a hint of sarcasm that it would have been really difficult to clean that up. Next, the video cuts to a shot of a bottle of Febreeze left on the floor in one of the rooms. Apparently, the landlord took exception to this lone bottle. "Someone left a Febreze bottle," the TikTok user stated. "Four out of 10, maybe they did not like the smell."


Next, Matilda showed her viewers a dehumidifier in a hallway. The dehumidifier, she alleged, did not belong to her or her roommates; it had been there when they first moved in. She said, "The dehumidifier that belongs to them that they didn't pick up all year. Seven on 10, you are right, that is our fault, babes." Clearly, the TikToker was aptly annoyed with the turn of events that resulted in their deposit being withheld. The reason that received the highest score, nonetheless, was a small, random scrap of paper on the floor.


This, Matilda scored a nine out of 10. She humorously added, "[The landlord] must have needed a whole cleaning crew to sort that out." There was one object, which she featured in a blurry photo, that she could not even rate because she did not know what it was. "[I] do not even know what this is supposed to be," the TikTok user wrote. "???/10." Since first being uploaded, the clip has been seen by more than 770,000 viewers. In the comments section, several people urged Matilda to appeal the charges while others shared similar experiences that they had been through.


One TikTok user commented, "Please tell me you appealed this. There is no legitimate loss there that the landlord can claim for." Another added, "I know it's not funny, but that is hilarious. I hope you appeal and get your money back." "Someone I know left a bottle of wine for the new tenants who were moving in later that day," one person shared. "And [they] were charged for leaving something behind." Evidently, the young woman was not alone in her experience. Too often, landlords take advantage of the power they wield, leaving renters feeling exploited. It is time for policymakers to place greater checks and balances on landlords.


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