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Shaolin monk shares what aspect is really vital for people to open the greatest doors of life

Shi Heng Yi, the master of the Shaolin temple in Germany, believes that each person has the power to open the doors of life with a simple aspect.

Shaolin monk shares what aspect is really vital for people to open the greatest doors of life
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @schoolofgreatness

Being self-aware and in touch with oneself is one of the greatest traits of a human. It is a wise thing to understand that any change or any step people wish to take in any aspect of life begins with themselves. Shaolin monk Shi Heng Yi strongly believes people can open their life’s greatest doors by themselves. In a video shared on the School of Greatness (@greatness) podcast on Instagram, the host talked about what is vital for people’s lives is to look within rather than looking out. He pointed out that one must be more aware of themselves than that of others.

Image Source: Instagram| @schoolofgreatness
Image Source: Instagram| @schoolofgreatness

“Shi Heng Yi belongs to the 35th Generation of Shaolin Masters and is the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe located in Germany. He knows what you need for vitality and self-mastery,” the caption read, giving an introduction of the monk who revealed some insightful wisdom. The monk who practices and advocates self-mastery said, “Why is it called self-mastery?” He then pointed out that it has everything to do with oneself rather than others.

“It is something you need to discover about yourself. It is not something others are going to discover about you,” he explained. The monk then offered some valuable advice to help with this self-mastery. He suggested looking within when any overwhelming situation arises. “The next time you find yourself in a situation, no matter what the feeling is, just ask yourself what is the root of that feeling,” he added.

Image Source: Instagram| @schoolofgreatness
Image Source: Instagram| @schoolofgreatness

He also mentioned this idea can be applied to several situations and circumstances of life. “Take the time and watch yourself,” the monk said. He then added a beautiful way to explain and understand the same. He said, “Sometimes we call it the way to view inwards.” While elaborating further, the monk said it’s easy to point fingers and blame others when things go downhill. However, the art lies in figuring out where one has faltered. “It’s always easy that one,” the monk said, imitating how people blame others by pointing fingers. “But this one is hard,” he said as he pointed the finger at himself. The monk lastly revealed that because the art of self-mastery and being in tune with one’s feelings is the “hard part,” it often leads to and opens the greatest doors of life.

Image Source: Instagram| @schoolofgreatness
Image Source: Instagram| @schoolofgreatness

The monk’s insightful words resonated with a lot of people. Many agree that garnering the strength and courage to look at and recognize one’s faults and work on them is a challenge. @neurographicsbypatima said, “When I focus on my abilities I get to see the light.” @alssio_reoni_revenant said, “The hardest thing to achieve in life is to have the ability to look inwards.” @nature_luv_beauty commented, “Absolutely- Our Accountability and Pain to go within to Heal, becomes our Freedom.” Sure, it’s not an easy process, but the journey and the results are worth it. And the journey and the skill to master the same lies within oneself. @empoweredinwellness added, “Looking inwards, being accountable to yourself, and making changes where necessary will open doors and allow you to give love to yourself and others.”

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