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7th grader jumps into action to stop school bus and save fellow students after driver passed out

He quickly realized, within seconds, that the driver had passed out. He took control of the steering wheel and saved many lives.

7th grader jumps into action to stop school bus and save fellow students after driver passed out
Cover Image Source: Youtube | WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7

A child's quick thinking saved the lives of a school bus driver and many students onboard the vehicle on April 26, reports Good Morning America. The seventh-grader named Dillon Reeves quickly sprung into action when he noticed that something was wrong with the driver. "During the transport of students home from Carter Middle School after school today, one of our bus drivers became lightheaded and lost consciousness while the bus was traveling on Masonic Boulevard near Bunert Road," the Superintendent of the Warren Consolidated School District, Robert D. Livernois, said in a statement shared on Facebook.



"A quick-thinking 7th-grade male student saw the driver in distress, stepped to the front of the bus and helped bring it to a stop without incident. The Warren Police and Fire Departments responded very quickly, tended to the driver and the students were safely loaded onto a different bus to make their way home," added Livernois. "The actions of the student who helped stop the bus made all the difference today and I could not be prouder of his efforts."

In a video of the incident shared by ABC News on Instagram, the driver can be seen informing the transportation base, "I'm feeling really dizzy and I have to pull over." However, before the driver could do that, she lost consciousness. Shortly after, Dillon enters the camera's field of view and takes control of the steering wheel while applying the brakes, safely bringing the bus to a stop on Masonic Boulevard near Bunert Road. Livernois reported that the bus had begun to drift into the lane of oncoming traffic before Dillon intervened. The child can also be heard in the video saying, "Someone call 911! Now!"


Livernois added that because the driver had already alerted the transportation base about her condition, it helped in the district's preparedness. Dillon was five rows behind the driver and he quickly understood that the driver had passed out, reported Fox2Detroit

"In my 35-plus years of education, this was an extraordinary act of courage and maturity on his part," Livernois said. "He ran to the front of the bus, grabbed the steering wheel and brought the bus to a stop in the middle of the road. And he had the wherewithal to push the brake down slowly - likely in anticipation that the bus was full of passengers."


The superintendent also mentioned two good Samaritans who helped during the incident. He said that once the bus stopped, a passerby who was walking came aboard and assisted Dillon with the driver. Then another person, a woman who was driving behind the bus, stopped and helped the students get off the bus using the rear door.


Dillon's parents are very proud of him, his mother, Ireta Marie, said in a press conference, "I asked him how did you know what to do. He said that he watches her drive every day."

Many on Facebook commended Dillon for his heroic act and quick thinking. NJ Callender commented, "Thank God for the precious quick-thinking student who saved the lives of students and bus driver. The young man has earned the right to be recognized by media and everywhere for his heroic acts." Christina Marcelli wrote, "My daughter was on that bus. She called me in panic. It was very scary for the kids! Thank goodness for the brave student to bring the bus to a stop!" Kristene Riedel expressed, "What a hero! I'm proud of you, young man, for keeping your cool and keeping everyone safe. Prayers for the bus driver."



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