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Seth Rogen mourns death of his beloved 13-year-old dog Zelda: 'The most special, magical creature'

Rogen shared a touching tribute to Zelda online, saying that she taught him about love, resilience, strength and kindness.

Seth Rogen mourns death of his beloved 13-year-old dog Zelda: 'The most special, magical creature'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/Seth Rogen

Losing a beloved pet is an indescribable loss. During this difficult period, it is natural to feel a profound sense of sadness and no one is immune to these emotions - not even celebrities like Seth Rogen. The actor recently shared his own experience of grief after losing his 13-year-old dog, Zelda, in a touching social media post.

On May 8, the "Superbad" actor took to Instagram and announced the death of his pet dog, "We said goodbye to our perfect girl Zelda on Thursday, May 4. She was almost 14 years old," he wrote.


"She was truly the most special, magical creature. She taught us about love, resilience, strength and kindness. We loved her more than words can describe," Rogen shared. "Everyone who met her saw what a unique little puppy she was. She’d stare into your soul with her gigantic buggy eyes. She was so judgmental, that when she loved you, you knew you earned it and it made you feel like you had won."

Rogen has no children but treated Zelda, a brown-and-white Cavalier King Charles spaniel, like a baby and often shared snapshots of the duo on his Instagram account during bath time or just pictures of his furry friend lounging on her bed, reports PEOPLE.


"She had an incredible life and was lucky to have so many friends and shared her special love with so many people," the actor continued. "She was a girl who was so shy no one adopted her as a baby who became a girl who traveled to multiple countries, appeared in three movies, on two magazine covers and inspired countless works of Zelda art, including a lighter that is now in the homes of hundreds of people."

A series of photos of Zelda posing with Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller and even a video of her wagging her tail for the camera was shared along with the heartfelt tribute. 


Rogen added highlights of Zelda, including "the sound she made for Zankou chicken" and "the way the fur on her legs look like culottes from the back." As for her bathroom habits, "The Super Mario Bros" star noted that the pup had "big gigantic poops that always surprised people because of her small size" and how she would pretend to go outside "to get us away from our food, although she would never actually go for it." The grieving dog dad concluded, "We belonged to each other and we will miss her forever."

According to Parade, Rogen and his wife adopted Zelda in 2011. In an appearance on "The Ellen Degeneres Show," Rogen shared that they had to enroll Zelda in a "shy dog class" because she was so timid. "She is not shy anymore, but she is super fat," he noted at the time.


Fans and celebrity friends extended their sincere condolences in the comments section. "Zelda was the best. So sorry to hear this," wrote fellow comedian Mindy Kaling. "We are so sorry about your loss of sweet Zelda. All of us at Best Friends are sending you love and light during this difficult time," said @bestfriendsanimalsociety.

"This is a beautiful tribute to Zelda and the incredible life she had with you. We are so deeply sorry for your loss," commented @PETA. "So sorry for your loss," wrote Paris Hilton. "Saying goodbye to a friend and companion is so hard. So sorry to hear about this, she was obviously well-loved by you both and was given the best life," shared

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