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Server shares wholesome story of Post Malone leaving a $3000 tip on a $3472 bill: 'Such a cool dude'

A server felt grateful for the tip they received from Post Malone. However, they were not the only ones this singer had shown kindness to.

Server shares wholesome story of Post Malone leaving a $3000 tip on a $3472 bill: 'Such a cool dude'
Cover Image Source: (L) Post Malone performs onstage during Day 2 of Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest at State Farm Arena on February 1, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images); (R) Reddit | u/SpecialistCorgi

The art of tipping is not everyone's cup of tea. Some are quite generous in this field of service while others are just misers and feel they are already paying more than they should. But there is one prominent personality who has created a whole new league and is also headlining it. In the words of some severs, he is a "great tipper." We are talking about singer-rapper Post Malone. Known for his chart-topping hits and infectious personality, the rapper whose real name is Austin Richard Post, recently made headlines by leaving an astonishing tip on a restaurant bill. This exceptional act of generosity left the recipient utterly amazed, prompting them (u/SpecialistCorgi) to share their wholesome experience on Reddit.

Image Source: Reddit | u/SpecialistCorgi
Image Source: Reddit | u/SpecialistCorgi


The post has been shared by a server who has nearly two decades of experience. They expressed gratitude and described Post Malone as a "great tipper, a wonderful person" and "a genuine and cool dude." This incident also offers a unique glimpse into the extraordinary kindness and generosity that Post Malone consistently displays towards people in the service sector. 

The details of Post Malone's incredible tip are truly extraordinary. The bill in question amounted to $2,633, a substantial sum for any event or gathering. It is worth noting that a mandatory 22% gratuity was already included in the bill, totaling $535.26 before taxes. Most patrons would consider this gratuity sufficient, making no additional contribution. However, Post Malone chose to go above and beyond, opting for a heartwarming gesture of goodwill. 

Under tax, $304.24 was also added to the bill, resulting in a grand total of $3,472.50. Post Malone tipped $3,000, elevating the final bill to a staggering $6,472.50. It is an act of extraordinary generosity that far surpasses the expectations of even the most seasoned restaurant-goers. If one also combines the service tax, Post Malone's total tip amounted to $3,535.26, a remarkable demonstration of gratitude for the service received. The singer's reputation as a generous tipper is not a recent development. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cátia Matos
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cátia Matos

During a visit to Mel's Drive-In on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in 2019, the singer left an impressive $1,000 tip for the staff. That's not it. When he crossed paths with Scottish singer-songwriter Gregor Hunter Coleman at Wunderbar in the Glasgow city center in May of this year, Malone offered him a drink but Coleman declined, explaining that he was saving for a house and couldn't afford it, according to BBC. Recognizing the opportunity he had to change someone's life, Post Malone offered to provide a down payment for the house Coleman was saving for, an incredibly generous and life-altering gesture. 


Post Malone has often set new standards with his philanthropic acts. He has donated new shoes to frontline workers in hospitals across the nation, showing his appreciation for their unwavering dedication during challenging times. He also donated a signed electric guitar to raise funds for Camp Hope Utah, an organization that supports abused children. 


People recognized the efforts of Post Malone in the comments section of the server's post. "People can judge Post Malone all they want, but we know he has our backs in the service industry. He sees the unseen. Dude sounds like he has a heart of gold from all accounts, which only increases my respect and admiration for him," commented u/TheYeetles. Whether you're a fan of his music or not, there's no denying that Post Malone is a generous and kind-hearted individual. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/Inevitable_Simple_15
Image Source: Reddit | u/Inevitable_Simple_15

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