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Server gets rewarded for saving a family's vacation plans with kindness and honesty

A server in Atlantic City displayed honesty and integrity after she found something left behind by the family.

Server gets rewarded for saving a family's vacation plans with kindness and honesty
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Tony's Baltimore Grill

Kindness is crucial in today’s society, especially when you are out traveling with your family in an unknown place. With minimum knowledge about the location and its people, no security and so on, one has to be extra careful with their belongings, especially their finances and IDs. If one loses these, the vacation is sure to turn into a nightmare. The exact crisis was averted by Tanner and his family when they visited Atlantic City, New Jersey, for vacation. Tony's Baltimore Grill posted on Facebook how kindness became the beacon of light for the success of their vacation and how the man paid it forward. 


Tony's Baltimore Grill is a renowned pizza joint in Atlantic City. According to their website, it was established in 1927 and serves classic pies and Italian comfort food. Renowned for exceptional service, mesmerizing delicacies and more, the restaurant bagged the title of kindness and reliability when they helped Tanner and his family. The former had come for a vacation and unfortunately lost the cash they had carried with them. The restaurant's post read, "A few weeks ago, a young man named Tanner came running into the joint! He was frantic about his family's vacation being ruined. Tony's was their last hope. They had taken out cash for their trip to Atlantic City, but it was gone and they couldn't find it anywhere."

The caption mentioned that the family retraced their steps to find their money but to no avail. "Their hopes were low, but they asked us if we had found an envelope full of cash. You can imagine their reaction when we said that we did, in fact, find a pile of cash," the post continued. While elaborating on the same, a customer named Malik was the good samaritan who identified the cash at the table, he was seated in the restaurant. The man returned the same to the waitress, Pam, who was serving him at the time. The best part was that Pam, in turn, handed the envelope of cash over to the owner, understanding that it wasn't hers and that a troubled someone may be looking for it somewhere.

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"You can't believe how proud we are that our staff acts this way when nobody is looking," the post continued. After the family described the envelope, the cash was rightfully given back to them. However, honesty doesn't go unrecognized. For their good deed, Malik and Pam were both presented with an opportunity to split a reward of $2000 or take a paid vacation for a week. The post concluded with the words, "To tell you the truth, we haven't stopped crying or smiling about it. The magic of Tony's Baltimore Grill has never been the pizza, it's always been the people."

With over 4K likes and 400 comments, users were pouring in messages of congratulations and love for the staff. Jamie Marie Castaldo said, "So amazing! And it's usually the people in and of the service industry that have the hugest hearts and most of the time the emptiest pockets, but we do what we do because we know hardships and keep pushing through them anyway." Amy Haefele said, "Love my coworkers!! I am so proud of the humanity and honesty of the people I work with!! And the amazing bosses I work for! Everyone rocks! So happy to be a part of this amazing family."


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