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Sergeant has overwhelmingly wholesome reunion with his military dog relieved from active duty

Having worked for three solid years as a duo, Sergeant Alcala found it heartbreaking to leave his paw pal behind. Years later, they met again.

Sergeant has overwhelmingly wholesome reunion with his military dog relieved from active duty
Cover Image Source: YouTube| TODAY

Throughout one’s life, relationships are formed that may not be biological but are connected to the heart. Many people leave a lasting impression and the bond is unique and priceless. For many, these bonds are not restricted only to people but also to animals. The furry adorable creatures express their love and care in heartwarming ways. TODAY reported that Air Force Staff Sergeant Mike Alcala shared a similar bond with his military dog, John. The German Shepherd had left quite an impact on Alcala and when it was time for the sergeant to leave, it was beyond challenging and heart-wrenching. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Christina Petsos
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Christina Petsos

“If there’s something around, he’s gonna find it, no doubt about it,” Alcala said, praising John’s exceptional services. The duo were assigned for missions and John would skillfully sniff out bombs and other dangerous elements. Having worked together for 3 years, when the sergeant’s skills were required elsewhere, he had no choice but to adhere to his call of duty and leave behind his paw pal. Alcala said it was “rough” to leave his friend behind. "It was hard. Think about your dog at home if you have one. Imagine just walking out the door and just leaving them to someone else,” he said.

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“It’s very sad, but you know they’re going to be in good hands,” he added. However, with a heavy heart, while leaving, the sergeant made a promise that he’d come back for John. After 8 years of service, John was relieved of his duties and the time for the promise to be fulfilled had arrived. When the sergeant learned of John being relieved, he immediately headed home to check with his wife if John could be the new member of their family. His wife said, “Gotta fix the backyard.” She mentioned that she trusted John, especially with Alcala’s life. John had his retirement ceremony and was honored like every military dog. 

As John boarded his plane home, he received honor from the airlines and passengers. The pilot even announced a welcome for the relieved furry hero. The plane soon echoed with a round of applause. John was shortly reunited with Alcala and his family in Texas and the moment was everything. As the sergeant welcomed John into his home with his family, there was nothing but tears of joy to spare. "Oh look at you! How are you doing Bubbas? I missed you bud. Welcome home buddy,” Alcala said, overjoyed as he scratched and rubbed his dear furry friend in awe. He said that “it was amazing” to have his best friend back. 

John immediately recognized his sergeant even after the long period and got comfortable rolling around and asking to be pampered like the good old days. Soon after Alcala had his wholesome reunion, his wife and tiny daughter joined him in welcoming John. The duo were inseparable then and after many years, nothing had changed. "I trust him with everything I have and with my life, for sure. You have to, because these are our partners,” the sergeant proudly exclaimed.


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