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Sensational French beatboxer leaves Britain's Got Talent judges speechless: 'He's incredible'

The beatboxer said that everything the audience is about to hear is created solely with his voice.

Sensational French beatboxer leaves Britain's Got Talent judges speechless: 'He's incredible'
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/LasgdReturn

A riveting performance on Britain's Got Talent left the judges completely taken aback. The video featuring a talented French beatboxer has rapidly gained viral status on Reddit. It was posted on u/LasgdReturn by Reddit and has received over 9k upvotes. The video starts with a judge asking him, "What is your act based on?" He replies, "Basically, all you are about to hear is made out of my voice." He then begins to perform "Pyramids" from MB14.

Image Source: Reddit | u/LasgdReturn
Image Source: Reddit | u/LasgdReturn

The whole performance and the instruments are in his voice and this surprises the judges. Another judge is surprised by the performance and she says, "No way." However, the camera moves to the audience who look equally mesmerized by the performance. We also hear the audience cheering and supporting the performer. The beatboxer also changes the beat to which he was initially performing and the cheering sounds increase with passing seconds. The judges look impressed throughout the performance. Soon, some people from the audience stand up and clap their hands and the judges also rise up from their seats and start dancing. The performance was catchy, engaging and truly a fine piece of music.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Lasgdreturn
Image Source: Reddit | u/Lasgdreturn

By the end of the performance and the video, we see most people in the audience standing up from their seats and grooving to this performance. One of the judges even said, "Bloody hell" as the performance shook him completely. As for the hosts, they were all praises for the performance. Many people on Reddit also totally loved the performance. The post has 8.9K upvotes and hundreds of comments on it. u/LoveGod51 commented, "Yeah but he’s incredible on video so can’t imagine how I’d react in person." u/Axle65 wrote, "Saw this guy featured on a radio show type thing. So freaking talented. Glad he got to shine in front of a large audience. He deserves recognition for his skill."

u/PhasedSolo expressed, "Don't tell me he didn't win the whole thing. This guy's talent is off the charts and the music he produced was crazy good, he can replicate both oriental and western instruments and he did an amazing job integrating them into his music." u/AggravatingWill381 wrote, "He could literally compose anything with just a mic, that's insane. Feels like there isn't much actual on here anymore, but this definitely qualifies. I wonder if he does live shows."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

In another story about a musical super talent, a seven-year-old kid prodigy has taken the internet by storm with his incredible guitar talents. In a video uploaded on Instagram, the little musician can be seen performing the legendary song "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses and internet users are raving about how well he handled the piece with no assistance at such a tender age.

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A post shared by Leonardo Rockstar (@leonardo_fibonacci_patrick2226)


The child named Leonardo—who goes by @leonardo_fibonaccipatrick2226 on Instagram—has captivated the internet with his renditions of several rock tunes. In a March 9 video, Leonardo can be seen playing an acoustic guitar to the same beat as the song "Sweet Child O' Mine." The song's first US and UK releases were in 1988. The song "Sweet Child O' Mine" is by the American rock group Guns N' Roses. It is included in their first album, "Appetite for Destruction," and is the only US number-one single for the group. It peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Since the video was released, it has received over 1.2 million views, and Leonardo has more than 226k Instagram followers.



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