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Senior high school class prank teachers to raise $1,000 for boy fighting cancer

Seniors at Albion High School in New York organized a prank on their teachers by blocking all the entrances and charging a fee for parking.

Senior high school class prank teachers to raise $1,000 for boy fighting cancer
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WKBW TV | Buffalo, NY

It's a tradition at a New York high school, where seniors prank their teachers but this time it came with good intentions. The prank involved the Albion High School seniors blocking all the entrances before their teachers could get to school on Monday morning. "I thought 'Okay, here we go,'" said Jennifer Ashbery, School Principal, according to WKBW. Teachers had to pay at least a $5 fee to get to their parking spots. "Some went above that, some gave what they could," said Nicholas Andrews, Senior Class President.


So what was the money for? Not a big bash or buying graduation accessories but to help a young boy named Maddox Pearl who "is an elementary schooler who is struggling with a brain tumor and he's in the hospital battling, so we thought if we raised some more money for him, it would help his fight," said Andrews. Many know of Maddox in the community and have been supporting him through this terrifying ordeal. People post about "Team Maddox" on social media or as a sticker on cars to show solidarity through his struggles.


The fundraiser started to gain momentum even beyond the walls of Albion High School."We had one older gentleman that gave us $20 just to drive around the front circle of our school. It gives us goosebumps, we're just amazed how a small community could come together and support someone like this."  The gesture was a way to be remembered after losing much of their high school experience during the pandemic.

It was also an important lesson that showed how caring for your community is the "Eagle Way"."I'm glad we're not the class of COVID. We're the class that brought change to the community and I think we'll be remembered for this, it's nice," said Andrews. Anyone can drop donations off at the school before graduation on June 23.


Another innovative way of raising funds for someone battling cancer came from a 10-year-old boy in Oregon. Everett Carrol ended up selling slime, something he liked doing as a pastime so that he could get enough money to go on vacation with his mom Tiffany Myers who has stage 4 cancer. Carrol calls the slime "Cotton Candy Sugar Rush" according to KDRV.

He's trying to make enough money to raise the funds for a trip to Washington D.C. with his mom. He started by selling jars to the community for $7 and within a few days he was able to sell 50 jars. "Slime is the only thing that I really know like how to make," Carrol said. "And I really wanted to go on a vacation with my mom, so we have been saving up for that."


"It just makes me so happy," his mother who has been struggling with stage four sarcoma for nearly eight years shared. "Both my kids are so attentive and sweet for me," she said calling her son's gesture of selling slime for her "the most adorable thing." Those who would like to help can contact Myers on her "Chemo Cakes" Facebook page.


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