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Senior citizens create art portraits of elderly dogs to help them find forever homes

The aged are delightfully dedicating their time and love to help these aging canines find a warm and welcoming home and it's the sweetest thing ever.

Senior citizens create art portraits of elderly dogs to help them find forever homes
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @scarlysquad

Animals are the most adorable creatures and no age or breed of any barrier can prove otherwise. There are several animals like these in need of care and a home at adoption centers. However, given our human biases, we tend to ignore the older pets and always opt for the younger ones, forgetting that the former has just as much love to give. It is a stereotype or preconceived idea that it is too much of a hassle to look after older pets. However, Draw for Paws thinks otherwise. They rightly believe that even the older paw pals deserve as much love and care, per PEOPLE.


Draws for Paws was started by Scarlett Chwatko to help fend for dogs and find them suitable homes through the help of art. She would initially sell portraits of dogs for $20 and raise the money for the canines. The 8-year-old who began this selfless initiative passed away in 2019 due to cancer. However, her supporters took over Draws for Paws. The Grandpaws initiative is an adorable act that has caught everyone in complete awe. Several aged people are contributing their time and resources to create portraits of elderly dogs to help them find welcoming homes and families. The initiative is designed to spread awareness about senior dog adoption. The idea is to create art of the senior dogs from animal shelters and sell the same for charity.

The focus is on the dog's attributes that best describe their personality. Each portrait highlights a distinguishing feature of the dog. The initiative was kickstarted by the residents of the Virginian Senior Living Community, who captured beautiful pictures of the furry guys at the Homeward Trails Rescue animal shelter. Scarlysquad posted these pieces with information about the dogs in the portraits. The three canines chosen were Pipa, Bo and Cali. The caption further elaborated on details about the dogs, such as their age, breed and more.


The post featured various portraits along with their artists. In one image, a couple is seen with their portraits of Pippa with a picture of her beside the art. Both the portraits feature the bold black and white contrast of Pippa. The next image features another aged man with his portrait of Bo. It subtly captures Bo's shades and highlights and an endearing smile from the artist as well. The next image captures a lady busy at work sketching Cali's portrait. The black canine's picture is seen beside the portrait in progress. Several other shots of the senior citizens busy with art are captured in the post. It is only the kindest and most adorable sight ever!

The nonprofit organization started by an 8-year-old's love for art and animals turned out to be life-saving for several canines over many years. The Draws for Paws organization has been an active part of these initiatives for a long period. A few instances of their campaigns are the draw-a-thon in collaboration with Roadogs Rescue and the Christmas paw-print ornament sale are few among many. Needless to say, coupled with the dedication from senior citizens, even elderly dogs will find the comfort of a home and a supportive family.


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