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Self-isolating pianist plays 'My Heart Will Go On' in the balcony, neighbor joins in

When stuck in a public health crisis, just do like the Italians do and play music from your balconies.

Self-isolating pianist plays 'My Heart Will Go On' in the balcony, neighbor joins in
Image Source: GallowBoob / Reddit

It appears that the world is following in the Italians' footsteps and using music as a way to come together and cope as the Coronavirus epidemic grows in their nations. All citizens, whether young or old, have been instructed to remain indoors and self-isolate. However, no one said anything about balconies. So, like a community of neighbors in Italy did, a pianist in Barcelona decided to take to his balcony and play 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion (because what song could be more fitting for such an occasion?). To his delight, a bunch of his neighbors from nearby balconies came out to watch his performance. More amazingly still, a neighbor decided to pick up his saxophone and join in. Together, they made some beautiful music together.





The incident went viral when a video of the musical experience was posted to the Reddit thread Next F*cking Level. The video, which was uploaded by the Reddit user GallowBoob, has since gone viral. It has received over 73,000 upvotes and over 500 comments. in the video, we first see (the rather cute) pianist at his electronic keyboard in his balcony. Then, the person filming rotates the camera so we can see the saxophone player a few buildings over. Similarly standing in his balcony and leaning over the railing, he plays his heart out in unison with the pianist. The two harmonize as neighbors in nearby balconies come out to watch the performance. At the very end of the concert, everybody claps and roots for the two musicians.


While the original poster may not have predicted how popular the video would become, several users weighed in to let them know it had uplifted their spirits. Citizens across the world have been cooped up in their homes, so this was a great reminder about the importance of community and how to power through a public health crisis together. One Reddit user commented, "As a Londoner still waiting for the peak to hit, it’s nice to see people in the peak who are coming together as one. This thing is here to try and destroy us. Let’s not destroy ourselves because of it." Some users pointed out the irony of the whole situation, such as one Redditor who noted, "It is interesting that humans do need social contact, but act as they are the only one on this world when for example stocking up on groceries." Another added, "Literally every other nation is bonding during these hard times besides the United States where they are ripping each other part for toilet paper."


Of course, while not everyone may live in a neighborhood such as this pianist's, it is heartwarming to know that there are communities where people are ready to come together and brighten up each other's days. Whether it is through music, by buying each other groceries or looking out for each other in hospitals, it is ultimately our ability to work together as a community that will help us overcome this public health crisis. Even through periods of isolation and quarantine, this viral video proves to us that there are ways to power through together, with kindness and empathy for each other.


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