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School crowns teen with Down syndrome homecoming queen as a step towards inclusion

East Forsyth High School adheres to its principle of inclusion and votes its talented student Emma Wright as Homecoming Queen.

School crowns teen with Down syndrome homecoming queen as a step towards inclusion
Cover Image Source: Youtube | WXII 12 News

The thing that makes the world truly special is the diversity it encapsulates within it. Though some people show hostility towards varied identities, a recent incident in North Carolina is enough to not let such things prosper. East Forsyth High School's student body spread smiles all across the town showing the true power of inclusion and empathy. With a popular vote, they made Emma Wright, who has Down Syndrome, their Homecoming Queen, per WXII 12 News. The joy on Wright's face at that moment was palpable, capable of warming even the toughest of hearts. The whole situation puts a great example out there that even with a condition like Down Syndrome, people can achieve anything with persistence as the world is their oyster.


It was a huge day for East Forsyth High School as they had won their homecoming game against Reynolds and were about to crown their Homecoming Queen. The joyous occasion had 12 beautiful girls vying for the title, all walking across the field with their guardians. Everyone burst with cheers when widely adored Emma Wright took the title with the majority of votes. No eye was empty as they were filled with tears of joy due to this win. She herself was immensely happy, as was evident from her face when the announcement occurred. The Queen held her father's shoulders for support as she tried to grasp what had just happened. It was evident that the whole thing was very emotional for her.

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Wright was donning a hot pink dress while her father was adorning a suit. In her interview, she shared that the whole thing was a total shock. She said, "I was so surprised." Though her father was confident in her daughter, he was also taken aback and said, "We had no idea, it's something that you prepare for we are so thankful to be a part of the East Forsyth family and so excited for Emma and the opportunity they gave her tonight."

Principal Rusty Hall was elated with the win as it signified what the institution stood for inclusivity. He said, "Everybody is included, everybody's voice matters. Once you're here, you're family. And tonight was a perfect example." He was always sure that Wright would have a great chance at the title. In conversation with Fox 8, he provided a peek into how the student body and authorities view Wright, “We call her our dancer. You can see her dancing in the cafeteria and the hallways, she’s loved by the entire student body.”

Wright has solid plans in place for her future. She is set to attend Western Carolina University in Cullowhee and eventually wants to open her own bakery and ice cream shop. Her win coming in October, which is observed as Down Syndrome Awareness Month, makes the whole thing more special. Popular beauty standards do not consider individuals with Down syndrome conventionally beautiful.

Recent movements are attempting to fight back against these exhausting standards and trying to propagate that the meaning of beauty is different for everyone, as explained by Bridget March. Wright's win can be considered a beacon of hope for all individuals out there who feel unaccepted because of their condition. The victory proves that they can stand apart and achieve anything they put their mind to.


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