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School bus driver shows up to graduation ceremony to celebrate all the students who rode her bus

This proud bus driver came to the graduation ceremony of the students with a huge banner that had the students' names on it.

School bus driver shows up to graduation ceremony to celebrate all the students who rode her bus
Image Source: Reddit | u/Aviaja_Apache21

Some people touch hearts with their love and care. This happened to a few school students when their bus driver came to their graduation with a congratulations banner. The banner also had their names written on it along with the number of the bus, "Bus 428." In the video, the bus driver looks proud as she stands with the banner. The video is accompanied by a deep musical tone. People can be seen recording the graduation ceremony and the bus driver looks across the venue as she looks proudly at the students. This video truly shows how love and appreciation can come from the most unexpected places sometimes. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/Aviaja_Apache21
Image Source: Reddit | u/Aviaja_Apache21


This video went viral on social media when u/Aviaja_Apache21 uploaded it on Reddit. It has amassed 19.4k upvotes and hundreds of heartwarming comments. u/manifold360 commented, "She is part of the kids' support system. She should be proud." u/buzzingunman wrote, "She is a hero we all need. Without them, the students will not be there for their graduation, and for the moment every single day, they manage to collect students from their houses and send them to school safely and on time. Love this moment. This is the person we need to treasure." u/Monamo61 said, "For all the kids who don’t have any fam showing up for whatever reason - God bless this lovely woman, she's filling the gap!"

Image Source: Reddit | u/CelestialOmelette
Image Source: Reddit | u/CelestialOmelette


It is true that some parents are not able to show up to their kids' graduation ceremony because of whatever reasons and commitments – this bus driver's presence would mean a lot to those kids. u/suddencumbly wrote, "I used to walk to work because it was a mile away and I liked the exercise. I'd always pass my old bus stop and say 'hi' to my bus driver. She was always so sweet and always had something nice to say."

Image Source: Reddit | u/slykiddo999
Image Source: Reddit | u/slykiddo999


In another story about students and surprises, a teacher was surprised by her students who planned a sleepover at her house. In a heartwarming video that perfectly illustrates the beautiful relationship between students and their teachers, a senior class pulled off a secret sleepover at their teacher's house. A now-viral video posted on Instagram by St. Andrew's School documents how a whole class of seniors students snuck into their teacher's house with the help of her husband and slept over in their kitchen. The post caption reads, "It's senior prank season, and boy did the Class of 2023 get Ms. McGrath good. Last night, the entire senior class snuck into her house at 1 AM and bedded down for a good night's sleep all over the first floor of her residence."


The students woke up, and some even come into the kitchen from other rooms after hearing her voice. She questioned how long the students had been in her home as she surveyed the room with apparent feelings of surprise and awe. "1 AM," one student replied before Ms. McGrath exclaimed, "How did I not hear you? You're like commandos." The room erupts with laughter as their teacher carefully walks around and the 59-second video comes to an end.

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