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School board gets pranked into reading fake Simpsons-inspired 'dirty' names: 'Ophelia McCaulk'

Virginia School Board Meeting Falls Victim to Bart Simpson Inspired Prank

School board gets pranked into reading fake Simpsons-inspired 'dirty' names: 'Ophelia McCaulk'
Image source: Twitter/lovinmygirls218

The Virginia school board was subject to a hilarious prank that the writers of Simpsons would have been proud of. Straight out of Bart Simpson's playbook, a Henrico School Board member ended up reading out 'dirty' prank names at the school board meeting, and the whole incident was recorded on video and uploaded online as well. It was Reverend Dr. Roscoe D. Cooper III who unwittingly fell prey to the prank but he took it in good spirits and had a good laugh about it as well, reported Newsweek. The names were clearly inspired by The Simpsons. A popular running gag in the series was Bart Simpson making anonymous calls to Moe's Tavern and requesting to speak to amusing and inventively named patrons like "Seymour Butz." The joke was in Moe announcing the name to loud laughs from the crowd. 





The school board meeting happened on August 26 and Reverend Dr. Cooper III was calling out the names of those who had registered to speak as is customary. For those listening on, it became apparent that they were prank names but Dr. Cooper III was oblivious to it and kept reading them out. Some of the names he read out included 'Phil McCraken' (Fill my crack in), 'Suck Mahdick' (Suck my d*ck), 'Ophelia McCaulk' (Oh, feel my c*ck), 'Eileen Dover' (I leaned over), 'Don Kedick' (Donkey d*ck) and 'Wayne Kerr' (Wank*r). Dr. Cooper III taking long pauses after calling out each name made it all the more hilarious. He continued as no one stepped forward. It appears none of the other board members had caught on to the names either. 




"It's not uncommon for people not to show up, so I honestly didn't think anything of it," said Dr. Cooper III. "It wasn't until after I read all of the names that I received a text message saying: "Those names may not be real people lol.'" Cooper is a Pastor at Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church and said he wasn't familiar with the running gag and added that he was just doing what was expected of him. "The names looked legit, and so were their associated districts and board members. I had a duty to call them. I've since learned of the pranks from The Simpsons," he added.




Cooper added that there has been a mixed reaction to it but he's taken it in his stride. "My sons laughed and shook their heads. They've clowned me in our group chat and said 'Pops, do better lol,'" he said, before adding that some felt it was disrespectful to the work done by the school division and school board. Cooper added that he doesn't know who pulled off the prank. It was a harmless prank, said Cooper. He said his fellow councilors had a laugh about it. Cooper says it's important to not take things too seriously. "There's been so much heaviness in the world, it's cool some people got a good laugh at my expense," said Cooper.





For Cooper, who recently lost his brother, the prank came at a good time and has lifted the spirits of his family. "Our entire board had a great laugh at it and so did my family. We started the month mourning the killing of my brother, and we're now ending the month getting a good laugh," said Cooper. School board meetings have been going viral for vicious arguments and even fistfight over mask mandates, Critical Race Theory, and conspiracy theories among other things, and this board meeting at the Virginia school had provided us with a hearty laugh.


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