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Schitt’s Creek just nabbed 15 major Emmy nominations

Aside from making up for five seasons of awards it deserved and didn’t win, Schitt's Creek is also the only comedy or drama series to land nominations in all four possible acting categories.

Schitt’s Creek just nabbed 15 major Emmy nominations
Cover Image Source: IMDb

Schitt's Creek is finally getting the recognition it deserves, folks! After being snubbed time after time again during award season, the hilarious, heartwarming Canadian series scored 15 Emmy nominations for its sixth and final season on Tuesday morning. Raise a glass of zhampagne to that! According to Entertainment Weekly, all four members of the fictional Rose family have bagged nominations for their incredible work on the show: Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara for leads in a comedy and Dan Levy and Annie Murphy for supporting roles. Aside from making up for five seasons of awards it deserved and didn’t win, Schitt's Creek is also the only comedy or drama series to land nominations in all four possible acting categories.


"It's hard to process that," showrunner, star, and co-creator Dan Levy told the publication. "The kind of volume of it, it's unbelievable." Levy, who is currently quarantining in Canada after temporarily relocating back home from Los Angeles, joked that "it obviously feels very 'Schitt's Creek' to get a bunch of award recognitions and not be able to actually go to the awards." The 36-year-old revealed that—given the pandemic and whatnot—his dream Emmys night would be a backyard affair at his parents' Canadian home, "surrounding ourselves at a safe social distance with as many team members as we possibly can."


"That's really the focus on going to the Emmys in the first place — getting to see your friends and co-workers all dressed up and getting celebrated for the work that they're doing," he said. "So hopefully if Canada can keep the coronavirus at bay, we would have maybe like a dinner party and celebrate with the people who got the show to this incredible place. It'll be an intimate affair, one that I think will have a lot of heart, and the proper amount of Canadian humility." Levy himself received four nominations in total: for his portrayal of David Rose, work as a producer, writer, and co-director (with Andrew Cividino) for the series finale, Happy Ending.


Schitt's Creek has also scooped up two nods for editing, one each for casting and sound mixing, another writing honor for David West Read for The Presidential Suite episode, and three nominations for the creative team in the makeup, hairstyling, and costume categories. "For me what's been so incredible is the fact that so many of our team members were recognized this year," said Levy. "You couldn't hope for a better sort of conclusion to your final season."




Meanwhile, O'Hara—the icon who brought Moira Rose to life—said she'd managed to forget about the impending nominations until last week. "You think, well of course it'd better to be nominated than not. But still, of course, I'm surprised because there are so many deserving people out there and deserving shows," she said. "I'm so happy for Daniel and Annie to have been nominated, and all our hair and makeup and wardrobe. They are equally responsible, with us, for our characters. I texted Daniel and Eugene right away, and then Eugene called and we had just a delightful happy conversation about how he's so happy for Daniel, of course. He's such a loving father, and a proud father, rightfully so."


"Truly couldn't be better icing on a better cake," said Murphy, who just bagged her first-ever nomination for her portrayal of Alexis Rose. The actress who has often found herself nominated in the same category as O'Hara over the years, added: "It's a relief because I've already spent many years losing to Catherine O'Hara — and it's been an honor every single time. I write it on my resume, 'lost to Catherine O’Hara,' and it's an absolute treat to do that. It will be nice to lose to someone else this year."


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