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Scarlett Johansson continues tradition of reporting the weather and it's a laugh riot

'Oh my goodness, the 20s! This is Netflix and chill weather,' the actress said to Roker after seeing the freezing temperatures in the Midwest.

Scarlett Johansson continues tradition of reporting the weather and it's a laugh riot
Cover Image Source: Twitter | Today Show

Al Roker was joined by a special friend on his show, who also took to weather reporting. Can you guess who it was? It is Scarlett Johansson. She was taking the weather game by storm! It was Scarlett's third appearance on the TODAY show. When Al Roker introduced the "Black Widow" actress in the studio, it filled with excitement. With her improved skills on point, she dived into the weather forecast and flaunted her meteorological expertise, as reported by The Oscar-nominated actress was there to promote her new skincare line. 

Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer
Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer


"Here's the weather, folks. You've got this map with a little bit of blue, and a little bit of pink." She joked and left everyone in stitches. When Roker discussed the snow in the Rocky Mountains, Scarlett bantered, "Who wants all that? When is spring coming?" We hear you, sister! And things only got better from there. She also noted the freezing low temperatures in the Midwest, and the actress had the perfect reaction. "Oh my goodness, the 20s! This is Netflix and chill weather!" And, we agree!

Roker also informed Scarlett that temperatures in Texas would go as high as 90 degrees. The actress had an amusing response, exclaiming, "Oh, that's hot! That is too hot!" And when Roker mentioned "milder highs," Scarlett asked what it meant and this started another fun between Roker and her. Roker was quick to clear any confusion on the subject, mentioning that it had nothing to do with getting high. Whoops!


Scarlett is not new to the TODAY show and has been making appearances since 2012. With her signature poise, she conducted herself and took to the role. "It's a dream come true!" she said and even jazz-handed like a pro. She also flaunted her natural meteorological skills when she made a comeback appearance in April 2022, assuring Roker that she was an "old pro." Who knows? Scarlett might also come back for the fourth installment soon –or maybe try her hand at cooking or sports on the show. She will sprinkle finesse and humor in whatever she does. We could not have asked for a better surprise than Scarlett Johansson bringing our weather forecast. We are sure that her next appearance on the TODAY show will be nothing short of fabulous, reported

Recently, Scarlett was in the news when she discussed her pandemic wedding with Colin Jost. According to PEOPLE, during a virtual appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers", the 36-year-old actress opened up about her wedding. "Obviously we wanted to take all the precautions that we could, so we had the masks … and everybody had to get [COVID] tests like 100,000 times," she said in the interview.


She further explained that all their guests also received interesting face masks that had "Jost 2020" written on them. She added, "I mean, it's just weird. Looking back at the photos … it definitely was a weird party favor that could only happen now, but you just gotta go with it." The actress continued, "Even though it was small and intimate, it was beautiful and we were so happy to see people that we hadn't seen in such a long time. We just felt very fortunate to be able to get together like that. It felt like it was sort of how it was supposed to be ... minus face masks."

Scarlett definitely knows how to bring grace and humor to every occasion around her.


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