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'Sassy' girl is cracking us up with grand plan to turn everyone into witches and vampires: 'I'm evil'

'I'll make everybody witches and bats and vampires,' Maddy says.

'Sassy' girl is cracking us up with grand plan to turn everyone into witches and vampires: 'I'm evil'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@mymadisyn

Children are absolutely hilarious sometimes without even realizing so. Sometimes, they say the sassiest things that would shut adults up. The internet is cracking up at one such "sassy" girl's now-viral reaction to being assured she'll "change the world someday." The girl's mother Vikki (@mymadisyn), released a video of her response to TikTok. The video was put up on Reddit's r/MadeMeSmile sub, gaining a lot of praise for the young child. The video posted on TikTok has received over 3 million likes thus far.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit


Maddy's father tells her that she will one day change the world at the opening Vikki's video. "No, I won't...I'm evil," replies Maddy, who doesn't seem really moved by the statement. "I'll make everybody witches and bats and vampires," Maddy continued. Vikki asks Maddy if she'll make everyone "sassy" like her, and Maddy responds, "Yeah," with a somewhat sinister smile. However, Maddy abruptly gives up her character and confesses that she is joking. "I won't do that... I would never do that."



Mark Cortez told Storyful, per Yahoo News, that Maddy has “always been a very outgoing, outspoken, sassy, and silly child. She started speaking very early on and ever since she was able to form words and sentences she has made us laugh and kept us entertained at the silly things that come out of her mouth.” Cortez added, “Also, she absolutely loves to sing. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t sing a song that she made up.”

Social media users were highly entertained by the child's demeanor. Reddit user AllergicToStabWounds sarcastically commented, "I would never do that. . . But I remember that I could." User commented, in agreement, "That sassy head bob and 'yeah!' is everything." User seriouslystopplease commented, "She's adorable." User Geriatricknight shared, "Kids that make you actually want to have kids."

User pelonweon commented, "This little girl has personality extra extra more than most adults" User ZoeTran74 agreed, commented, "Oh my goodness girl! She's so awesome! Just watching this video for a few seconds, I realize she's got more personality than all the adults I've met in all of my 47 years." 

TikTok user @boomchitty commented, "when the dad tried to make this an inspirational moment." User @yshraquel commented, "the way her eyes relax when she says she’s kidding 😂 old comedic soul." User @tshepiilegodi commented, "Make this child audition for acting! the facial expressions were on point."

Another hilarious kid recently got a lot of laughs on the internet when he climbed into a claw machine, living up to his funny nickname. Ashlee Larsen from Melbourne, Australia, is mother to 2-year-old Brooklyn, who is nicknamed "Dennis the Menace." Last month while Larsen was eating supper at a "family-friendly" restaurant, Brooklyn entered a claw machine.

“I thought, ‘I haven’t seen him in a couple of minutes, I’m sure he’s probably just in the slide’, but another minute went by and I didn’t see him come out, so I thought I’d better go check on him,” Larsen told 7NEWS. In an adorable video, the toddler is seen grinning ear-to-ear, seeming extremely pleased with himself at the mischief he had engaged in by entering the claw machine.

“He crawled through the door that the teddies come out of, and climbed his way up the chute into the machine,” Larsen told Storyful, adding that her son was initially, “very happy with himself and was throwing the toys down the chute for all his friends.”

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