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Sanctuary throws an epic birthday party for their beloved 17-year-old Pekin duck

West Place Animal Sanctuary knew exactly how to give this senior duck a wholesome birthday party and the internet loved it.

Sanctuary throws an epic birthday party for their beloved 17-year-old Pekin duck
Cover Image Source: Facebook | West Place Animal Sanctuary

Pekin ducks are known for their pristine white coat of feathers and they also make a popular choice amongst pets. But the sad thing is, they have a short lifespan which typically goes a few years above a decade at times. But Erna, the crested Pekin duck, recently completed 17 years on Earth while residing at the West Place Animal Sanctuary in Rhode Island, United States and that called for a grand celebration. The staff and volunteers of the sanctuary came together to celebrate the long journey of Erna who defied all odds to become the senior duck that she is now, per The Newport Buzz.


Erna was rescued back in 2007 and with all the care and compassion from the staff and volunteers at the sanctuary, she thrived for all these years. Even though crested Pekin ducks usually live up to twelve years, Erna made her way past that age and now holds a special place in everyone's heart. This duck is one of the last remaining survivors from the time when this animal rescue sanctuary started in 2007. Erna also served as a foster mom for several baby birds like ducklings, goslings, chicks, poults and cygnets during the warmer months and is known for her nurturing and caring nature. The founder and executive director of West Place Animal Sanctuary, Wendy Taylor, knows the value of the duck in the sanctuary and how she has been serving the sanctuary's mission along with her human buddies since the beginning.


“Since the inception of West Place in 2007, Erna has been a constant source of inspiration and joy,” Taylor said. “Her maternal instincts have not only saved lives but also enriched the lives of both humans and animals alike.”When Erna's birthday was celebrated, everyone brought in decorations and a cake full of blueberries which happens to be Erna's favorite treat. At the event, the staff and volunteers recited poetries and sang songs to reminisce Erna's early memories and took lots of photographs to capture the wholesome moment.


The birthday party was live-streamed by the sanctuary on their social media sites and supporters of the Erna and the sanctuary could join in to participate in the celebration. Taylor remarked that "Erna's significance as a symbol of hope and resilience within the century highlights the importance of providing a safe haven for animals in need." She also mentioned that the duck's journey "serves as a reminder of the profound impact that compassionate care can have on the lives of farm animals." The Rhode Island-based sanctuary is dedicated to rescuing and helping every farm animal who has suffered from neglect and abuse.

“Caring for animals is a lifelong commitment that requires dedication and resources,” Taylor added. “Impulse purchases of animals, particularly around holidays like Easter, can result in unintended neglect or abandonment.” Well, Erna might have celebrated her birthday on Easter Sunday but her official birthday is on April 1 as it's mentioned on the unique driving license provided to the duck. Erna's Rhode Island license is a design created by a volunteer at the sanctuary which can be purchased from their official website and one can get the license with Erna's face on it, printed on t-shirts as well. 


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