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Samuel L. Jackson vowed to teach fans how to swear in 15 languages if they pledged to vote

The star promised to use his unique set of linguistic skills to good use if enough of people went online to check their registration or register to vote.

Samuel L. Jackson vowed to teach fans how to swear in 15 languages if they pledged to vote
Cover Image Source: Twitter/Samuel L Jackson

When it comes to swearing, no one does it like the certified badass Samuel L. Jackson. The star who made history with the line "I'm tired of these motherf**ing snakes on this motherf**ing plane," is now using his unique set of linguistic skills to encourage fans to make their voices heard this November. Jackson on Monday put forward a rather unusual yet incredibly enticing offer for his fans on social media when he promised to teach them how to swear in 15 different languages if enough of them went online to check their registration or register to vote.


"Listen up. If 2500 of you head to my link to make sure you're #GoodToVote, I will teach you to swear in 15 different languages," the actor announced in a video message, which racked up more than 2,600 likes and more than 44,900 views in less than an hour. The exciting announcement followed a teaser tweet from the Pulp Fiction star earlier in the day, which said: "Nov. 3rd Will be here before you know it! Go to to check your voter registration status or register to vote! Go now and you may get a very special "tutorial" from me! Every vote Counts!"



Upon visiting the Headcount link, people are met with three different voting actions to choose from. These include registering, checking their registration, and a third option providing information about voting methods and polling places to make their "vote plan." Jackson—who is well-known as the narrator of the book Go The F**k To Sleep and its sequel Stay The F**k At Home—held his end of the bargain after his fans came through in droves. With 2500 people taking action in next to no time, the actor was back the following day with another video message that featured the promised multilingual swearing lesson.







Rocking a face mask that said "Vote" and a black t-shirt that read "Your Voice Matters," Jackson said in the video that his fans, "showed up and showed out" for his voter initiative. "You guys showed up and blasted through our Voter Action Goal for #GoodToVote! So as promised, here's some Cussin' 15 ways to go! Thanks for getting involved and make sure to vote on November 3rd!" he captioned the video tutorial. Beginning his masterclass in how to swear like a pro, Jackson said: "Now, it's time for me to hold up my end of that bargain. Let's learn some cussin' in 15 different languages."







Holding a series of cards with swear words in various languages, the 71-year-old kicked things off with "Zoaz Popatik Hartzera" in Basque, reports Daily Mail. He followed it up with "Dit Me May" in Vietnamese and a few more in Ukrainian, Swahili, and Nepali. Jackson's lesson also included curse words in Jamaican Patois, Icelandic, and Māori before he closed the session with expressions in Haitian Creole, Bemba, Czech, Esperanto, Catalan, Brazilian Portuguese, and Thai. "Pass this on, make sure you get other people to register to vote and make sure you go out and vote too," the actor concluded.


The Django Unchained star, who has never been one to mince words when it comes to his feelings about Donald Trump, took a swing at the president on Friday during his appearance as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Listing some of the scandals Trump has sparked in just the last week, Jackson asked: "Who can still be voting for this guy after all the stuff that has gone down on his watch?" Cutting to a spoof campaign ad detailing the possible side effects of reelecting Trump, he added: "The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump is dangerous for our country."


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