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Samoan dad breaks stereotypes by dancing with his daughter on stage

Fathers love their daughters enough to break stereotypes for them and this story is a testament to just that.

Samoan dad breaks stereotypes by dancing with his daughter on stage
Cover Image Source: TikTok | (L) @paoluvz; (M,R) @withherownhands

Parents are generally willing to do anything and everything they need to do for their kids' happiness. The love they have in their heart for their little ones often surpasses any other kind of love that may or may not exist. Similarly, a father on TikTok, Tony Paopao–who goes by @paoluvz on the platform–posted a few pictures on TikTok from his daughter's 1st Christmas recital and it went viral in no time, for good reason. 

Image Source: Instagram | @abbyeckel
Image Source: TikTok | @paoluvz

Paopao posted four pictures on the platform. The first picture is that of him and his daughter. In that, we see that he's sitting on one knee while his daughter is sitting on his other knee. He is dressed in a black outfit and by the looks of it, he is a big man. On the other hand, his daughter is wearing a cute little red dress with a white t-shirt and stockings. It's a very sweet picture of the father-daughter duo. The second and third pictures are only of his daughter and they are as sweet as sugar. However, it's the fourth picture that's the real deal. In this last picture of the series, we can see the big man standing and holding his little girl, who has the widest smile on her face. He is wearing a black tutu, showcasing the amount of love this father has for his little girl. 

Image Source: Instagram | @abbyeckel
Image Source: TikTok | @withherownhands

While he only posted these pictures, his wife went ahead and posted a proper video of this whole scenario, along with the why of things. His wife Tiana–who goes by @withherownhands on the platform–posted a 1 minute 15 seconds video where we can see him on stage doing ballet with his daughter for her Christmas recital. While he seemed slightly reluctant in the beginning as he entered the stage and was dancing with another mother-daughter duo, where the mother was wearing the tutu, he eventually found his ground and held on to it firmly. He can be seen toying around and playing with his little girl on stage, copying her dance steps and dancing with her. 

Image Source: Instagram | @abbyeckel
Image Source: TikTok | @withherownhands

The overlay text of his wife, Tiana's video read: "POV: You're a 6'5 350 lb Samoan...but you're also a girl dad, lol." Not only did Paopao do all of the poses he was supposed to, but he also twirled his daughter often. At one point, he also picked her up after doing a few steps of the choreography along with the other moms. This whole scene was as wholesome as it could be and was undoubtedly going to become a core memory for his daughter more than anything else.

Image Source: Instagram | @abbyeckel
Image Source: TikTok | @fromautumntoashley

The people in the comment section couldn't keep their joy and happiness to themselves, owing to this beautiful visual in front of their eyes. @well.hello.there.1 complimented Paopao, saying, "Every Samoan man I know has never been bothered by male/female stereotypes. They do what makes them happy!" Another dad, @joebiggz1511, happily commented, "Respect!! From one girl dad to another, my brother!!" While user @bre.beals said, "One thing about Samoan men - they gonna love and cherish their daughters," another user @gothbarbzzz said, "Healthy masculinity and being present with your loved ones! We love to see it." 

Image Source: Instagram | @abbyeckel
Image Source: TikTok | @the_angryguppy

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