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Ryanair hilariously responds to passenger posting about booking a windowless window seat

They booked a window seat in a Ryanair but ended up having to stare at the walls of the flight to which the airline had the perfect response.

Ryanair hilariously responds to passenger posting about booking a windowless window seat
Cover Image Source: X | @gabipaonessa

Have you spent some extra bucks to secure that window seat on a flight so you can grab some scenic shots of the clouds? What would you do if you ended up in a seat where you had to stare at the walls of the airplane? Well, @gabipaonessa found herself in the exact situation while traveling with Ryanair. A man who was traveling with her ended up getting that awkward seat and the window doesn't seem to be right next to them.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Adrienn
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Adrienn

However, the passenger in front of them can be seen with access to their share of the airplane window to toggle at the scenery outside. Any passenger would be upset over this so Gabi, took to her X handle and left a post tagging Ryanair's official account. "Finally, it happened to us. We booked a window seat with no window. Such an incredible experience. Thanks @Ryanair," Gabi wrote on the post. However, the one handling the X handle of Ryanair was witty enough to come up with a perfect reply. "Staring at it won’t change it," @Ryanair wrote in response to Gabi's post. The comment section erupted with funny remarks and most of them wondered who was behind the clever reply.


@bamkrii shared: "The same happened to me on Air India as well. No window seat, no selected meal (non-veg meal) was given, the trolley wheel was damaged at the airport and no assistance was provided. The infotainment system didn't work. Just was watching seats and faces going to the washroom and had a few drinks and vegetarian food." @eilish_barrett wrote: "Why would you book a window seat with no window when it's usually given for free!!" @AshValeCommuter joked: "You mean you missed the bit that said 'this seat has no window' when you selected it." @SipDirect added: "Going by recent events, you're lucky there wasn't a door there!"



Now, it's really unfortunate that Gabi had to pay for the window seats in the flight which she and her travel buddy did not get. However, there is a flight attendant out there who is sharing a fact about window seats with people. There are times when you might have grabbed a window seat and discovered a single black triangle mark above the particular window. A regular passenger might not pay attention to it or give it much thought but the flight attendants and crew know that the triangle is not placed there without a point.

Image Source: TikTok | @_hennylim_
Image Source: TikTok | @_hennylim_

A flight attendant for a Philippines-based airline, Cebu Pacific, is disclosing some "secrets" behind the black triangle mark's placement on the flights. Henny Joyce Lim—who goes by @_hennylim_ on TikTok—explained it back in her 2022 video. "Passengers sitting next to the triangles get the best view of the wings," Lim explains through the overlay text on the 36-second video. The next benefit is for the flight crew. "If flight crew need to check the wings these triangles let them know the best vantage points for the slats and flaps outside. If you are flying an airline that allows you to choose your seat, look for one of the triangles in the cabin. Anybody who loves taking window shots or videos will get the best view of the wings from these seats," she shared.

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