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Ryan Gosling's hilarious 'Beavis And Butt-Head' SNL sketch leaves the cast fighting laughter

He put on his best show at 'Saturday Night Light' which left the entire cast struggling to hold it together.

Ryan Gosling's hilarious 'Beavis And Butt-Head' SNL sketch leaves the cast fighting laughter
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @nbcsnl

Actors often face the challenge of maintaining composure during comedic scenes, as the humor of the moment can be contagious, even for them. Even though they may have mentally prepared for the scene, they end up breaking down in laughter as they are caught off guard by the sheer hilarity of the scene they are doing. The latest actor to start laughing during the scene is American comedian, Heidi Gardner while performing a spoof of "Beavis and Butt-Head" on Saturday Night Live with Kenan Thompson, Ryan Gosling and Mikey Day. The skit has been shared on YouTube, where it has amassed over 2.6 million views and 56K likes. @nbcsnl also shared a post on Instagram, which has got 5.2 million views.

Image Source: Instagram | @nbcsnl
Image Source: Instagram | @nbcsnl

The premise of the episode is a news anchor (Gardner) interviewing a professor (Thompson) about artificial intelligence (AI). Both of them keep getting distracted by audience members (Gosling and Day) who bear a striking resemblance to the famed cartoon characters Beavis and Butt-Head. As the interview begins, we can see Gosling sitting behind Gardner in the audience, wearing a blonde wig that makes him look exactly like Beavis from the animated show. Gosling manages to put out the most funny, confused expression as Gardner asks, "Professor, you have been very outspoken about the threat that AI poses. Can you explain your stance to the average American?"

Image Source: Instagram | @nbcsnl
Image Source: Instagram | @nbcsnl

Right as the first question about the dangers of AI ends, Gosling's presence in the audience manages to distract Thompson's character. He asks Gardner to repeat the question and she complies. The question is repeated, but Thompson still has a hard time keeping a straight face while answering it. He explains how he is not against artificial intelligence and his tongue slips while saying "believe" to "Beavis." Gardner asks if there is a problem, to which he clarifies that there is a man in the audience who looks very similar to Beavis and that it is distracting to him. She reveals that she is not familiar with cartoons and inquires if changing seats would help.

Gardner turns around to identify the man Thompson describes and begins to laugh upon seeing Gosling with his wig. Gosling makes the situation even more comical by playing dumb and not knowing what is going on. She asks him to move seats and one would think that the problem ends there. However, after a few changes in camera shots, we can see Day sitting in the same spot, looking very much like Butt-Head. Thompson gets distracted again and requests that Day move from the seat.

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Gardner turns back to ask him to move and has an even harder time keeping it together. She tries her best to continue with the interview but occasionally begins to laugh as she asks questions about AI. The next question taken from a social media post directly references the TV show, which Thompson quickly points out. They move on to audience questions to showcase how Gosling and Day were now sitting next to each other in the audience. "You put them right next to each other?" Thompson inquires.



Image Source: YouTube | @Y.I.S.I
Image Source: YouTube | @Y.I.S.I
Image Source: YouTube | @johnmcnulty2705
Image Source: YouTube | @johnmcnulty2705

He continues by asking Gosling and Day, "They're sitting together like they do on the show. You two don't know that you look like Beavis and Butt-Head?" At this point, Gosling begins to laugh while delivering his dialogue about not knowing who he is talking about. Garnder attempts to continue the interview by asking the audience member to state her question, but Thompson quickly ignores it and asks Gosling and Day how long they have been friends. They both reveal that they have never seen each other before the show and the clip concludes with Gardner suggesting a break.

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