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Rutt the famous moose has caught the attention of 40,000 people following his every move

Rutt's journey began in 2018 and has been a topic of curiosity and love amongst thousands of people even today.

Rutt the famous moose has caught the attention of 40,000 people following his every move
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WQAD News 8

Most animals, as we know, are adorable, undoubtedly. Sometimes, they try to run away from humans, but we, as humans, almost instinctively, want to go and catch them for the sake of it. Other times, we try to observe and understand why animals behave a certain way or do things the way they do. In a similar tale that involves thousands of people following around a moose, we understand just how adorable humans are. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Simon Rizzi
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Simon Rizzi

Apparently, there is a moose that has gone loose in Central Minnesota. Not only has it gotten loose, but it also made everyone crazy about it. The moose also has a name, Rutt and a Facebook page called "Rutt - The Central MN Moose on the Loose." As per the About section of the page, it was created for a Central Minnesota Moose that was spotted crossing the state in September and October 2018.


Ever since then, this page has been used as a map to find out the moose's location. The page urges people to mention the general areas where the moose had been stopped, as opposed to their exact locations for safety reasons. Not just that, they have also advised people not to compromise their safety and go too close to the moose to click its picture, as their safety gets priority.


The Facebook page has over 40k followers and everyone is super invested in what Rutt is up to. It's almost like they are in Rutt's rut. Moreover, many people are constantly dropping images and locations of where they spot Rutt last. Not just that, the page also houses a full map of where Rutt has traveled to and from in the past few months. The people on the page are quite invested in his whereabouts.

In a photo posted by Jackie Dobie Hoehn, they post pictures of some colored images of Rutt with the caption, "Our children with autism colored Rutt and one drew his version! Thank you, Brenda Johnson, for sharing this with us. Just thought I would share the creativity with all of you!" Another person called Katie Lombardo painted her trailer in honor of Rutt.


In a story posted by the NY Times, they talked about how Bernie Stang of Paynesville in Minnesota traveled for over five hours to find Rutt to take his picture and was eventually successful. As she kept giving real-time updates to fellow Rutt lovers on the Facebook page, she said, "It's all gone crazy in Minnesota and all for one moose. He's just brought a lot of joy and happiness to so many people." Based on the map posted on the page, Rutt seems to have traveled 280 miles since September 2023. He started from Alton, Iowa, and traveled to Sebeka in Central Minnesota, where he was spotted on November 25.


There are a lot of theories as to why Rutt is traveling. Some people believe he is trying to find another moose in the thickly forested far northeastern corner of the State, where most of the 3700 estimated moose in Minnesota live. Others believe that he is heading for Karlstad, Minnesota, the moose capital of the North. All things said and done, one thing is for sure, Rutt is a very lucky moose for so many people looking for him to look out for him. Such pure inquisitiveness, which seems to have bonded 40k+ people online is nothing short of beautiful and honestly portrays the love humans hold in their hearts.


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