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Russian shocked U.S. has such poor working conditions, lists amazing workers' rights in Russia

The Russian said workers are guaranteed basic rights including paid sick leaves and vacation days among other things.

Russian shocked U.S. has such poor working conditions, lists amazing workers' rights in Russia
Image source: St. Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow - stock photo/Getty Images Inset: Reddit

America has long been hailed as the land of progress and a beacon of hope to the rest of the world—an example to follow. The 'Great Resignation'—the phenomenon of workers quitting their jobs for better pay and rights—has burst the bubble of the world's perception of America. Workers are refusing to work for a pittance and many are unionizing to fight for better rights. With the spotlight on America in the wake of these protests and resignations, workers in many other countries are pointing out how good they have it. One particular post on Reddit gained much traction, as a person from Russia said they were aghast at the poor pay and working conditions in the U.S., and went on to list all the benefits mandatorily afforded to Russian workers. It came as a surprise to many as Russia had better working conditions and a healthier work environment than the U.S.

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"I am from Russia and I'm shocked," he wrote in reference to the r/AntiWork subreddit that highlights the exploitation of workers in the US. "I am purely shocked. You should really be on barricades right now with these working conditions. Let me explain why is that in simple facts. In Russia, under mafia rule, cleptocracy and where it's impossible for small businesses to survive, every single worker from dishwasher and cashier to top managers has the following rights:

1. Fourteen days vacation every six months. 21 days for dangerous professions, two months for school teachers (logically summer holiday). Unused vacation days are paid in cash according to your salary during the last 6 months of your employment if you leave.

2. Sick leaves are mandatory to be paid. Companies MUST pay to social security fund and you get paid sick leaves, from 20 to 100% of your salary depending on years you worked at one place. Also, most companies offer two 100% paid weeks for sick leaves per year after 1 year.

3. All night shifts are paid x1.5, no matter what. All shifts during your free days are paid X2 or exchanged to free days whenever you want.

4. If you are pregnant, you get 70 fully 100% paid days before the child is born and 70 days after, 140 days in total. In addition to number 4, one of the parents can take 1.5 years (right, YEARS) of "take care of children" vacation and receive 40% of the salary. The employer is not allowed to fire you during that period and is not allowed to fire you immediately after. 

5. If your position is cut and you are fired cause of that, you must receive x3 of your monthly salary as a bonus. You cannot be fired without agreement with you for other reasons, unless you have formal complaints in your personal formal government "labor book" (which is an extremely rare case). All complaints must comply with labor laws. If you are fired without such complaints, or if they are not strong enough, the labor inspection will go to court for you and make the company take you back + pay full salary for the period you were 'fired' + compensation. 80% of court cases are won by the labor inspection.



Reddit users were shocked to read about the rights afforded to workers in Russia. The person from Russia called on Americans to fight for their rights. "You are the richest country in the world. Your companies are INSANELY rich and they treat workers like sh*t," he wrote. He also spoke about the toxic working conditions at Amazon. "Each time I read about 'piss bottles' in Amazon I think "any carrier in Russia would throw this piss bottle right in manager's face, make it viral in social media and nobody would work there ever again."



They also issued a rallying cry, writing, "FIGHT YOU MOTHERF***ERS WE ARE STRONG WHEN UNITED. From Russia with love." 

Reddit users pointed out how detached far apart the perception of Russia was from reality. One person wrote, "We won't let the global oligarchy divide us." Another wrote, "Yeah, it's crazy how the richest country in the world can't guarantee basic a$$ labor protections or free healthcare. Thank god I don't live in the US."




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