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15 times rich people didn’t even hide how out of touch with reality they are

People shared many instances of rich kids being completely unaware of how people outside their bubble lived.

15 times rich people didn’t even hide how out of touch with reality they are
Cover Image Source: Young rich blonde female entering a private airplane parked on an airport tarmac. She is looking over her shoulder. (Getty Images / EXTREME-PHOTOGRAPHER)

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 16, 2023. It has since been updated.

Rich people are no strangers to nonchalantly dropping the wildest childhood anecdotes mid-conversation. They are blatantly unaware of how unrelatable and alienating they can be to their peers. You might comprehend if you have a wealthy friend or family member. Complaining about missing their horses while studying at university, their adventurous stories from when they went "sailing," moaning about their butler who forgot to iron their crisp white shirt, or looking into your eyes while desperately wanting you to understand their problems while you silently remind yourself of the relative poverty that encapsulates you and your family. The irony is that they expect you to understand them, but they never try to know how the lesser fortunate people live and function.

This has led to bizarre questions and statements shared by people with first-hand experiences with out-of-touch rich people. When TikTok user @VenusBleeds posted a video highlighting the incredibly absurd questions affluent people often ask, hundreds of people responded, many of whom shared their own stories. Below are some outrageous things rich people have casually said to their friends, highlighting society's massive financial disparities.

Chauffeur helping wealthy woman and daughter out of car. (Getty Images / Erik Snyder)
Chauffeur helping wealthy woman and daughter out of the car. (Getty Images / Erik Snyder)


1. I hate my Mercedes, mom 

I grew up with like a lot of rich Asian kids in the California and one day my friend was like, "How do you tell your parents when you don't like the car they surprise you with? I was like, "What are you talking about?" She's like," Yeah, my mom just surprise me with this car for my 18th birthday. And I hate it because it's like a Mercedes convertible. And I want a four door car like, it is so annoying. Like, how do I tell her to buy me another car?" And I was just like, "I take the bus every day." - @lijia_wang

2. Do you?

People who grew up with money like literally look into your eyes and ask you something insane like "do you ski?" - @venusbleeds

3. Maybe cerulean?

So for the last two years of high school, I transferred to a private school in Orange County, southern California. And one of my friends at the time, was asking like, "what color do you think I should make the BMW logo on my car?" Because not only did her family give each of the kids a BMW when they turn 16. They got to customize the colors of the decals. She chose pink - @oyveyitskay

4. It's an aesthetic

Insane like, multimillion dollar house custom couch that came with the house, but it doesn't match the kitchen backsplash and asking should she get a new couch or remodel the kitchen? I haven't even remodeled any kitchen. Never have I ever chosen my own backsplash. - @whoopsiedaisie

5. We're going to the catacombs of Paris

Those were the same kids in high school that told you their vacation plans at the end of the school year. "We're going to Disney and then we're gonna go to the beach and then my mom was thinking that we might go to Italy. I don't know it just seems like a lot of traveling." Nobody f**king asked, Bethany. - @hkikla94

6. No, I am JUST asking

Just met my roommate this week and we're going to the grocery store together and she was like "I'm gonna go to Trader Joe's" and she had the audacity to ask "can you afford it?" - @imamandapluma

7. What color are your ski blades?

my bf always says he grew up poor and stuff and he will tell me how he went skiing every winter 😂😂 boy I barely went to visit Grandma 😂- @Kornelia

8. I toured the kitchen 

they'd ask you where you went for summer/winter break like ?? uh... i was at home ? - @urlocalsadbitch

9. A pony?

A friend asked me if I have a horse 😭 I was like what the hell do u mean a horse??? - @Hana

10. Only toy horses

One legit asked me “how many horses do you have?”out of nowhere - @smallgemm


11. I appreciate your concern

when a girl from my uni asked me if I'd ever been to Paris. I've never even been on a plane but thanks for asking 👍 - @tia2043

12. Not enough dinero 

A girl in college once told me it’s better to buy an apartment in NYC than to rent one as I was doing. 😂 I was like girl, I have a scholarship 😅 - @shirlhernandez

13. You better stop

A friend of mine from college came from a wealthy family and asked me “if you work all of the time how are you always broke?” - @gooseygc

14. Pacify the school

This rich girl I went to high school with drove a Porsche and she was failing one of her classes so she had her parents sue the school. - @conanmay

15. That's like really poor

When I was a barista at a coffee shop, I was kind of standing there cleaning up behind the counter. And then the people that were like sitting out in the lobby, at a table, were talking about something and they were like all pharmaceutical reps. And so one of them says something like, "imagine a really, really poor person, like a really like poor person, like someone who makes like $52,000 a year." And everyone else just stopped because like, I was the manager and I was making $27,000 a year, so rich people can get f**ked - @briancvann

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