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Retired couple from Salem love going about their day in their Halloween costumes and it's so adorable

They are doing retirement right by having fun with each other wearing iconic costumes.

Retired couple from Salem love going about their day in their Halloween costumes and it's so adorable
Cover image source: Instagram/laurie.nobody

Halloween helps people bring out people's creativity in the best way possible. Some people have such distinct and innovative costume ideas that make your jaw drop. An adorable couple from Salem, Massachusetts, are going viral on the internet for going about their day in costumes that appear to be a mix-up of the plague doctor and handmaid's tale. People simply can't enough of the pair and their antics, which include dancing spontaneously to EDM music on the road. 

Image courtesy of RJ Buchanan


Rick and Laurie Buchanan owned RJ Coins and Jewelry in Salem until they retired and sold it around two years ago. They both love Halloween and they assist travelers by volunteering their time at the downtown Salem information desk. As a result of their love for Halloween, they would dress up as prisoners from the 1930s and go to the jewelry store carrying dollar sign-adorned burlap sacks. They would rush about the neighborhood searching for tourists while pretending to be attempting to elude the police. On busy evenings, they would often tip-toe or tiptoe past actual police officers who were on the street. RJ Buchanan, a web developer living in Beverly, couldn't be more proud of their parents for living their life to the fullest. "They're amazing parents and they are doing retirement right," said Buchanan.

Image Source: Coutesy of RJ Buchanan
Image courtesy of RJ Buchanan


They can be seen wearing a white plaque doctor mask and the iconic handmaid's tale red hood in their Instagram pictures. In addition to their unique costume, Lauren has been walking around town with a big button and a placard that says "push the button." When visitors or strangers press it, an EDM song starts to play, and for 20 to 30 seconds, they dance around with the person who hit the button—in costume, of course. 

Image Source: Coutesy of RJ Buchanan
Image courtesy of RJ Buchanan


They have a hashtag #salemlocalsgotta and have been posting pictures of doing general things around their town in costume on Instagram and it is hilarious. They can be seen drinking coffee, getting a haircut, going to the dentist, reading a restaurant menu, shopping, and taking a COVID test and they are doing everything in costume. Their child also posted their hilarious pictures on Reddit and people were absolutely surprised and delighted to witness it.

They wrote with a video montage of pictures, "My parents are weird and adorable. (They live in Salem MA, so this is only slightly weird)." A Reddit user commented, "Thank you! I didn't realize how much I needed to see this!Another added, "Fun! Your parents are fun! You’re blessed. I’d love to have a beer with them." 



A user even shared their experience of Halloween in Salem, "Salem Massachusetts is like Halloween mecca. From mid-September to October 31st hundreds of thousands of tourists pour into the very small city, all in costume. My parents live downtown and volunteer at the info booth. these are the costumes they're wearing this year so they decided to do everyday activities in their costumes. They're just wonderful weirdos." 



Another added, "OMG so lucky. Salem is one of my favorite places to visit. Every time I go to see friends in MA, we have to go to Salem."



A third said, "I've been living in NH for about 10 years and never went to Salem (MA) until last was SO BIZARRE that I want to move there now."



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