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Restaurant has very specific instructions on how to eat their noodles and people are loving it

If you are able to, have a quick bite at the store or if you can't have it this way, come back another day!

Restaurant has very specific instructions on how to eat their noodles and people are loving it
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @PonchoRebound

Having a fresh bowl of noodles is a comforting experience like no other. A restaurant in New York took it to another level with detailed instructions on how to enjoy their dish and the internet is applauding the level of detail and commitment to their noodles. "Xi'an Famous Foods," a Chinese food chain, began as a stall in Flushing, New York, and has since expanded to 12 popular restaurants throughout the city, with rave reviews. A poster advising customers who want to take their food to-go explains why it's so popular. One can imagine how much care they must put into cooking their food if they care that much about how you eat it.

Pexels/Photo by JAN N G U Y E N
Pexels/Photo by JAN N G U Y E N


There is only one correct way to have them and no other. While warning us what would happen if we did not obey the instructions, in black and red ink, the poster read, "Are you sure you want to take those hand-ripped noodles to go? They will not taste as good as fresh, dine-in noodles. We allow take-out orders of our hand-ripped noodles dishes due to popular demand, but please heed this warning. The noodles cool down within 15 minutes (or less when it's cold out). As that happens, the sauces will soak into the noodles, causing them to bloat and lose their texture, flavor and vibrance. The noodles may be reheated, but the original taste and chewiness will be gone."

It continues, "So please eat the noodles right away. If you are able to, please have it in the store, or at least take a quick bite from the take-out container to know how it is intended to taste. Or just come back another day when you can enjoy the noodles correctly. It's that important. Thank you." 



Turns out, satisfied customers loved getting instructed on how to enjoy a meal at this restaurant. Here are a few Twitter reactions that say it all. 
































While Xi'an Famous Foods certainly demands a specific way to eat their noodles, content creator Jake Fischer also learned the same but in completely different circumstances and unfortunately the hard way as well.  In a video uploaded by content creator Jake Fischer on Instagram, he can be seen having icicles on his mustache, his cap, and on his bowl of ramen. He then says in the video, "I came outside to eat some ramen. And, it got a little too cold.” His spoon and bowl of ramen also seem frozen. 

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People on Instagram were curious to know how he managed to do this to himself. @jangralmon said, And why did u come out if u knew it's freezing outside 🥴😒" @elijahtronic_arts wrote, "Rumor has it that his still waiting on for ramen to melt till now." @bacalaito_ said, "Dying to know how that affects the consistency of the ramen once it cools."@chloemorgan844 pointed out, "I want to see how you warmed back up😂 I feel like the ice would be dripping everywhere once it starts melting!"

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