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Restaurant refuses to let influencer eat for free in exchange for online promotion

They were tired of influencers trying to reap personal benefits in exchange of 'exposure' for small businesses.

Restaurant refuses to let influencer eat for free in exchange for online promotion
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Edward Eyer; Instagram | @lucky_ramenandsushi

Marketing is vital for any business to reach heights. However, present-day promotions look different from how it was even a decade ago. It is not the hoardings that matter, but posts and reviews. The establishments do their best to stay at the top of their game, as even a single bad experience could cause havoc on the internet. Another offering these establishments get from the internet is influencers who, with their massive following, can make a world of difference in their business. However, as the influence of this lot has grown, so have their demands for a fair review. Recently, a restaurant named L Ü C K Y revealed on social media that an influencer asked them for free food in exchange for exposure. Flabergasted by this unabashed request, the establishment revealed it all on the internet with their views on it.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Victor Freitas
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Victor Freitas

At first, the establishment put up a story that revealed the influencer's DM. The message read, "Hey sorry, I know it's short notice, but I'm in Manchester tomorrow and looking for somewhere for brunch with my partner. Would you be open to a collab with me for a post on my story and page?" Though not mentioned implicitly, it was clear that the brunch should be free of cost. It was not the first time the restaurant had been given such a proposition. Having grown tired of it, they decided to refuse. They wrote, "Oh, what a surprise! Another thrilling DM from a blue tick superstar asking for a free feast in exchange for an Insta post. Because, you know exposure pays the bills! We're just thrilled that you appreciate our food, but hey, we appreciate paying customers even more!"

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A post shared by L Ü C K Y - ramen | sushi | pan-asian brunch (@lucky_ramenandsushi)


The story quickly gained traction as many were frustrated by these influencers using their reach for personal benefits. The influencer, after being confronted, gave a tone-deaf reply, "Personally, I think you're bang out of order. How dare you try and expose us like that??? So you think people like us don't deserve to eat for free?? Just in case you don't, we are doing our best to help you promote for free. We don't expect much, just a free meal to compensate for our time, labor, effort and positive energy that we are supplying you." The establishment made a post of the DMs and put it on Instagram to once and for all make their stand clear. They adopted a sarcastic tone and stated that they were unwilling to put their staff through work and get them special treatment for a promotion on such shady conditions.

Image Source: Instagram/teamlioness2023
Image Source: Instagram | @teamlioness2023
Image Source: Instagram/@foodieforthoughts
Image Source: Instagram | @foodieforthoughts

The comment section applauded the restaurant's stand. @itsvivyau was surprised by this reprehensive attitude and wrote, "When will influencers understand to support small. Get your free stuff from corporates, fair enough. But don't expect it from small businesses. This is wild!" @yorkgirlies loved the reply and commented, "I love this clapback. I can't wait to come to a restaurant that doesn't pander to these types of influencers!" @romanstatue felt embarrassed for the influencer and wrote, "The pure cringe factor of it all, well done for your response." @the_plate_licked_clean is all set to support this restaurant even more now and commented, "You've made me want to come to eat at your restaurant even more now. Love this."

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A post shared by L Ü C K Y - ramen | sushi | pan-asian brunch (@lucky_ramenandsushi)


You can follow L Ü C K Y (@lucky_ramenandsushi) on Instagram to follow the success of their business.

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