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Resourceful mom ensures son's undisturbed quality time with her away from clingy girlfriend

A caring mother orchestrated a break for her son, allowing him some respite from his persistently clingy girlfriend.

Resourceful mom ensures son's undisturbed quality time with her away from clingy girlfriend
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Torsten Dettlaff, (R) Reddit/u/stalagit68

Being in a relationship can be a wonderful experience. But no matter how much you love your partner, it's important to recognize boundaries and respect them. Reddit user, u/stalagit68 had a funny story to share about how she helped her son get away from his pestering girlfriend so he could spend some time with his mother. The post titled, "Nope... but I'll tell him you called," has gained over 2.4k upvotes on the platform since being posted.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio

The mom begins her post by sharing that her son had a girlfriend in high school who was "nothing but drama." She wrote: "But young love, being what it is, I knew that if we're to forbid him from seeing her, they'd sneak around." Her son had plans for college and was going away soon. His girlfriend would often come up to her and ask questions such as, "Don't you think we'd make beautiful babies?" The mother could tell that she was seriously considering having children despite their young age and the crucial point in her son's education.

She promptly warned her son "not to be stupid" and not to rush into anything with his girlfriend. The woman clarified that she was sure her son would not do anything like that but issued a warning nevertheless. Sometime later, the mother and son decided to spend a day together before he left for college. They were going by car and the son's phone kept buzzing with text notifications. It was from his girlfriend.

Although he did not pay much attention to it, the phone continued to buzz, at which point she asked her son if he needed to attend to his phone. He replied, "No. I'm spending time with my mom." The notifications continued and the mother remarked that someone was vying for his attention. The son revealed that it was his girlfriend who was bombarding his phone despite him telling her that he was spending time with his mother.

Soon, the phone began to ring again and the son muted the call. After some time, the same thing happened again. When it happened one more time, the mother told her son that he should probably answer it. He finally picked up the call and put it on speaker. The mother and girlfriend exchanged greetings, after which they both ended the call.

After some time, the mother received a call from her son's girlfriend asking her if she knew where her son was. She wrote, "Meanwhile (son) is sitting in the car right NEXT to me and she had only spoken to us (on his phone) not 5 minutes prior. The woman decided that the girlfriend was being too nosy and replied, 'I have no idea where he is, but if I see him, I'll tell him you called.' Hearing this, her son began laughing. The audience loved the mother's tactful reply on the phone and expressed their thoughts in the comments section.

Image Source: Reddit/Few-Mission-4283
Image Source: Reddit/u/Few-Mission-4283
Image Source: Reddit/lapsteelguitar
Image Source: Reddit/u/lapsteelguitar

u/Conscious-Practice79 commented, "Love this! I love your son too! If this is how he's acting with her, then he's just keeping her around for entertainment." u/biteme717 said, "PERFECT!! I've done this before when my son was at the house. They didn't last very long after that." The story is a lesson for couples to create firm boundaries for each other and learn to respect them over the course of their relationship.

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