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Relationship coach shares 4 habits that bring more happiness to a couple's life and relationship

This relationship and life coach is giving out the four secrets that you need to know to ensure that you have a happy romantic relationship.

Relationship coach shares 4 habits that bring more happiness to a couple's life and relationship
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @drmatttownsend

There are many keys to sustaining a healthy relationship. Having mutual love, respect and understanding between partners may form the basic foundation of any romantic relationship, but according to this relationship expert and life coach, there are some more requirements besides these. Matt Townsend–who goes by @drmatttownsend on TikTok–made a video to break down four fundamental secrets that are responsible for maintaining a happy union between romantic partners and a great bond between crucial relationships.

Image Source: TikTok | @drmatttownsend
Image Source: TikTok | @drmatttownsend

"I want to tell you the four basic habits the happiest couple have learned to do regularly with each other," Townsend announced at the beginning of his video. "See, that you are practicing these habits in the most important relationships. First, the happiest couple shows gratitude to each other daily. They say thank you for the little things. They don't pass a moment to point out something positive to their partner."

Next, he stated that the happiest couple stays in the moment with their partner. "They put down their phones. They pay attention to little details and they know how to put their partners first. They don't let the distractions of life take away their most important moments together," Townsend continued. As for the third point, Townsend said that happy couples achieve their goals together. "They find meaningful projects and activities they can do together and they intentionally put each other and the opportunity to grow together as their first priority," he added.

Image Source: TikTok | @drmatttownsend
Image Source: TikTok | @drmatttownsend

"Fourth, the happiest couple places serving their partner and others above themselves. They do not keep score of who does more and they seek out opportunities each day to serve their partners in unique and distinct ways. If you want to be happy, it's a skill you have to build. It's not just something you want to feel someday," Townsend concluded. 

The viral video has resonated with many as it gained over 3 million views and nearly 278k likes. TikTok audience mostly agreed with every word he said and even shared their own stories briefly to explain their dynamics with their partners.

Image Source: TikTok | @feyazi
Image Source: TikTok | @feyazi

@sunshineinthesouth commented, "Married at 17, told we'd never make it. Married 43 years and you're spot on." @mistress7604 lamented, "I've always wanted this, but my partner doesn't see my worth and I would like to divorce because my heart is always broken." @garoti69 quipped, "Thank you for identifying us. It's 2nd marriage for both of us, but we're never been happier." @pram.dlima wrote, "I wish this was possible. But work is a priority. I'm learning more by listening to inspirational talks. Gratitude is a distant dream to get a thank you." @triiishalkui noted, "If you're in love with your partner, you actually do these things naturally. If you do not, something is wrong."

@mamaggjano shared their views and said, "Happy to say we do all of these every day. We have never raised our voices or said a mean thing to each other. 20 years of bliss so far." @roneybeal shared, "My husband and I do that together projects. We like the same things and we think of each other first." @georgethecatxo joked, "For the working towards a goal one, we build Lego together. Does that count?"

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