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Realtor drops plans to paint over gorgeous handpainted home mural following public pleas

Realtor Sam Cooper shared a video revealing an entrance featuring a large, detailed mural that spanned across the walls.

Realtor drops plans to paint over gorgeous handpainted home mural following public pleas
Cover Image Source: TikTok / @samcooperrealtor

TikTok may have saved this realtor from destroying an exquisite hand-painted mural in a house. After filming a video saying that he would paint over the entire wall to make it more "marketable," several TikTok users came to the rescue. The hand-painted mural was compared to the work of Michelangelo, who painted the Sistine Chapel in the 1500s. The murals in the house covered the entrance and the foyer. The people in the comments swooned over the mural that depicted a gorgeous garden with cherubs and women elaborately lounging among the flowers. Realtor Sam Cooper was conflicted with the response he got from his videos and decided to change his mind, reports Daily dot



In the video, which received 7.3 million views, Cooper pushed open the front door to reveal an entrance that featured a large, detailed mural that spanned the walls and double-height ceiling. He could be heard saying, "We're gonna change this. We've got a contractor inside right now who's going to re-paint all of this." The post received over 53K comments, as many responded with shock at the news the mural was to be covered up. "I would cry if I bought that house and they had painted over it," wrote @kaityes. "Please don't paint it!! Show the house as is, and give a paint allowance if they don't like it!" commented @hey_dudette. "Market the house with a painting allowance. Don't paint over it. You might find someone that admires and appreciates all the time and effort for this," said @peacefully_content. 


Instead of painting over the murals, Cooper will now offer potential buyers a "paint allowance"— a discount on the house so that buyers may use the extra money to paint over it if they choose to. Although, it would be a shame to cover this masterpiece with paint. “Guys, I’ve sold thousands of homes in my lifetime, and I just wanted to show this house to you real quick because there’s something about it you’ve probably never seen before,” he says. “And I honestly love it,” the overlay text reads. “The artistry and creativity are very impressive. But it needs to be repainted to be more marketable.” Even he sounds reluctant to cover this beauty with paint.



According to Business Insider, he posted a follow-up video of him addressing the viewers once more. "Alright guys, you commented, we listened," he confirmed that the mural was "staying in the house." In the clip, Cooper said that he had no idea the video would blow up as it did, but he was "glad it did" and thanked everyone for their advice and input. The clip has been viewed over 1.1 million times. As per a TikTok shared on February 19, the property is set to be out on the market on February 20. Cooper has over 19.5K followers on TikTok, where he posts videos of properties available in Ohio and a YouTube channel, where he posts similar content.



"This was genius marketing. I feel like they knew threatening to paint over it would blow it up now we ALL know who this guy is 🤣 brilliant strategy," wrote @uhmlissaah. "Oh thank god, that was one of the most gorgeous interiors I’ve seen, I was so sad when you said it would be painted over lol," said "Thank goodness!! It made me sick to my stomach thinking about all that work getting covered up!!," added @abibzak14. 

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