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Readers and authors join hands to save small independent bookshop that faced closure

People on the internet rallied to help a rare independent bookshop continue its business after the store shared a message seeking help.

Readers and authors join hands to save small independent bookshop that faced closure
Cover Image Source: X | Sherlock_Pages

People who are passionate about reading books will know just how refreshing it can be to finish a really good book. In the digital age, readers have been offered many different avenues to explore different books, but nothing can beat the feel of a physical book. The whole routine of visiting one's favorite bookstore and picking out one or two books is something that every person should experience once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, a lot of bookstores seem to be struggling or shutting down completely because of a lack of customers.


A conservation bookshop in Frome, Somerset, England called Sherlock & Pages seemed to have a difficult time with business. The owner put up a post on X revealing how they were having a hard time keeping the establishment running and people on the internet rallied to help them. The post states how they had only made approximately $12 on a particular day in January. They made a humble request to the people of the internet to help their independent business with their patronage.

Image Source: X | @Sherlock_Pages
Image Source: X | @Sherlock_Pages

Fortunately, the post worked and the owner of the bookshop posted a follow-up video to showcase just how much people's support had helped the bookshop. He starts the video by saying, "Little miracles can happen." The man briefly covers the kind of books his shop sells, covering topics such as nature, landscape, and sustainability. He goes on about how the previous day had been a real struggle and how they could only sell one book by mid-afternoon, along with a couple of returns.

Image Source: X | @Sherlock_Pages
Image Source: X | @Sherlock_Pages


Thanks to donations from people all over the world, they were able to pay their rent and complete a few projects that they had kept on hold due to a lack of funds. He shared a few of the projects, saying, "We want to have more decoration on the exterior. A manifesto for independent bookshops, a lamp, some tiling, maybe some flowers." The owner also wanted to make a few other important changes to the store that would ideally bring in more customers.


He concludes the video by expressing gratefulness to everyone who supported the bookstore. People were more than happy to support the business and put down words of support in the comments section. @mrmurgsmaths said, "Glad to have helped, even in a small way. Purchased my new Orwell biography last night, and had an email telling me it had been dispatched today. That's a chunk of my half-term sorted. Good luck with your projects!" Another individual, @blakeatedder, expressed, "So happy to hear it and so glad to have bought a bunch of wonderful books. Headed to me from across the sea already."


@Quilterdown commented, "Next time I'm in Frome ( very soon, hopefully), I will definitely be in to buy a book. You weren't there last time I visited and it's always a treat to discover a new bookshop. Keep going & good luck. See you soon." @lesmith_the highlighted, "The positive side of social media. Sometimes Twitter can be a wonderful community." @craftylotus said, "Love this video. So glad that people saw your post and responded to it!!!"

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